New Peak Tying Vise Gets Things Under Control

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Remember when you were a kid and you saw something on TV and you just had to have it?

Of course you do. Who are we kidding, fly anglers never grow out of that. That’s exactly what happened when I saw a video of Pat Coen using the Peak PRVLIRS-G2 large hook holding system. I knew instantly that this was going to solve some problems for me.

If you’re not familiar with Pat Coen’s work you should check it out. Many of his stunning partners rely on copious amounts of tightly spun deer hair. If you ever tried this technique, you know what a problem your tying vise can become. I’m not a deer hair guru, but I do tie a lot of big streamers and often struggle with keeping a good solid grip on my hooks.

edit-7597The PRVLIRS-G2 large hook holding system does this like nothing I’ve ever used. It’s a simple but brilliant solution. The point of your hook slips through a hole in the threaded bar, which is then drawn firmly into a cradle. Once tightened the hook does not move…period. The vise is so powerful I actually cut through a #2 streamer hook with it, while trying to see if I could make it fail.

Once the hook is locked in place, the vise operates like you’d expect. The angle of the jaws is adjustable and it it has full rotary function. It’s very stable on its base and the rest of the vise is as ridged and durable as the jaws. I’ve been able to find no weakness in the construction. I’ve tied everything from trout streamers to deer hair divers and huge musky flies with it. It’s great for redfish, tarpon and bonefish flies too.

edit-7601Obviously the PRVLIRS-G2 is a special purpose tool. It’s for tying big flies. A #6 saltwater hook is about as small as is comfortable in it. It’s not made for tying a parachute Adams, but if you tie a lot of big flies, you’re going to love this vise and look for excuses to use it. The only shortcoming (if you want to call it that) I can find is that you can’t use it for hookless shanks. That doesn’t bother me, but if all you tie is Game Changers it might not be for you.

I enjoy fly tying almost as much as fishing and the peak PRVLIRS-G2 large hook holding system has made my tying a lot easier, more creative and fun. If you’re a big fly addict, you should check it out.

Get yours HERE!

Watch Pat Cohen use the PRVLIRS-G2

Louis Cahill
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5 thoughts on “New Peak Tying Vise Gets Things Under Control

  1. Pat Cohen is awesome (pretty sure there’s an ‘h’ in his name!). Hoping to hang with him next month at my next TU meeting.

  2. sure would be nice if the jaw assembly were interchangable so you could have a small hook & large hook setup with one base/arm!

    • Peaks standard rotary vise has 3 sets of interchangeable jaws to cover all of your tying needs. Like Louis said, this is a specialty vise of sorts for BIG fly’s. I own a PEAK, love it and I can securely tie up to 1/0 in the standard jaws but i’m also not spinning big deer hair bugs with gsp which is much better suited to this model. Pats done a video where he put a 4/0 or 6/0 Partridge hook in the jaws and then picked the entire vise up by the hook.

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