Flynn’s Stonefly Nymph: Video

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Ummmmmm, Tasty! Photo by Louis Cahill

Ummmmmm, Tasty! Photo by Louis Cahill

I have said on many occasions that, I don’t care to live in a world where trout don’t eat stoneflies.

My good friend Dan Flynn shares my obsession with the noblest of insects. Dan is a great tyer with an impressive repertoire of classic patterns. I have always admired his meticulous stonefly nymphs. I’ve also spent many days watching him crush trout on them. You can’t argue with success.

I asked Dan to share this fly with you and he kindly obliged. The video is a bit longer than I usually post but well worth the time. Check it out!

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Louis Cahill
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8 thoughts on “Flynn’s Stonefly Nymph: Video

  1. I love the look of this pattern. But at 23+ minutes–not including the speeding up at various moments–this is why I buy stonefly patterns.

    • Mark, It’s not that different at all. I first learned to tie stone fly nymphs based on Randall Kaufmann’s pattern.

  2. Highly effective fish catching pattern. Fishing it is pure joy, because it just catches fish. As a fly tier its increased joy/thrill tying one up and catching big fish on river with it. Pattern badassery.

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