Fly Tying Contest: Subsurface Frog Pattern Entry Finalists

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Last week, I dropped a bombshell, announcing a fly tying contest giveaway intended to challenge our readers to come up with a Subsurface Streamer Frog Pattern that could be used for trout and other warm-water species (fished on a floating or intermediate fly line). It’s a pattern concept that I’ve messed around with for a while now, but never came up with anything that fully blew my socks off. Knowing that the Gink & Gasoline community is comprised of many talented fly tiers, I thought it would a perfect opportunity for the participants to show off their tying talents, and have a chance to win a rare, Mona T. Van Riper sterling silver trout money clip of mine.

We had a couple fans complain that I didn’t provide enough time for them to participate in the contest. After talking with Louis, we both agreed that the short time frame was acceptable, and that’s what made the contest challenging and intriguing in the first place. After all, a cool prize, that’s worth considerable coin, shouldn’t be a cake walk. This past week, I’m proud to announce that we’ve received quite a few really cool frog pattern entries for the contest. I’ve put together a list of the finalists for all of you to see.

In the coming weeks, Louis and I will be fishing each of them on the water and we’ll pick a winner. Thank you to everyone that participated in the contest. This has been one of the coolest contest and giveaways I’ve put together and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m very thankful to have such a great community of readers that aren’t afraid to step up to a challenge.

Congrats to the finalists who made it to the on-the-water testing Round.

I will showcase the step-by-step tying instructions for the contest winner for sure, but I really want to include all the finalists if possible. Some of the patterns require a crazy amount of steps, and I will have to talk with Louis to figure out a way for me to post all the images without it turning into a total cluster.

If you’re in the finals, make sure you drop me one copy of your frog pattern in the mail as soon as possible.

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Nathan Peterson


Andreas Bachelez


Ian Lavanish’s – LAVA Frog


Justin Pickett


Keith Grandstaff


Brandon Archibald


Joe Mahler – Straw-Boss Frog


Keep it Reel,

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Kent Klewein
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9 thoughts on “Fly Tying Contest: Subsurface Frog Pattern Entry Finalists

  1. I think I played high school hockey with one of the finalists…go vikings.
    I like Brandon’s because its impressionistic and it looks like he chose marabou for the legs which “breathes” of course, but the natural bend of the feathers would look a lot like legs kicking as the fly was stripped. Ian’s is realistic which is really cool but I can’t tell how it would function as far as action goes just judging from a picture. Interesting flies though, there are definitely frogs hopping around the rivers I roam. They hop right into the water when spooked.

      • Small world. Didn’t know I was a GnG reader? LoL…and here I am thinking I had made a bit of an impression. We were really good friends in high school. Haven’t seen him in about ten years. He’s been whooping ass in hockey. Yeah dude, nice to see we have been drawn to the same things all this time later. Good luck to ya on the ice and the water. I’d like to see a photo of a good fish with your frog fly hanging out of its mouth.

  2. Great contest Kent. I didn’t submit a fly because all my bass flies that I’m happy with are deer hair bugs or Gurgler variations that are meant to be fished on the surface. I’ve tied up all kinds of sub-surface flies, but I’ve never caught much on them. In the coming year I’m going to try using floating flies with an intermediate or sink tip line. That way they get pulled down when they’re stripped, but rise up in the water during the pause. I can’t wait to hear which fly wins. Maybe you could post a video of how it looks in the water.


  3. I know the contest has moved on but if your still considering patterns I can email you a pic. It’s called the PureBull, its a fly I designed for bass but also have taken some pig browns with . If anyone has ever watched a frog swim under water this is about as close as it gets.

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