Fly Feature: Stealth Bomber

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By Justin Pickett

It dives and it gurgles. It sputters and it bubbles. And it just plain catches fish!

The Stealth Bomber is by far my number one topwater fly pattern for warm water species. Whether I’m after smallmouth or largemouth bass, or targeting bluegill, it’s always in my box and typically gets tied onto the end of my tippet at some point during my outings. I typically carry them in 3 different color schemes to match different conditions. Check ‘em out! It’s an easy tie. And if you ever fished with a Pop-R as a kid, then you’re good to go! Either tie ‘em or buy ‘em in sizes #2-#6 depending on the fish you’re targeting. Fish this bad boy around floating grass, weed lines, lily pads, or any other submerged structure where bass and panfish like to hide. Vary your retrieve to find out what the fish are liking that day and wait for that take!

_DSC5964Want to add a fish-catching twist to this successful pattern? Tie on 18-24” tippet onto the bend of the hook of the stealth bomber. Add your favorite lightweight streamer/baitfish pattern and increase your chances of hooking up with a popper/dropper rig. My favorite dropper for this rig is the gummy minnow. It’s light, easy to cast, and bass and bluegill crush it on the fall!

Take the Stealth Bomber for a spin on your next warm water outing! It might become your next favorite topwater bug!

Justin Pickett
Gink & Gasoline
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4 thoughts on “Fly Feature: Stealth Bomber

  1. The fly looks good. Check out this fly called Rose Lipped Popper I wrote about in the January 2010 edition of Fly Fishing In Waters. It floats, suspends, twitches or wobbles side to side, in other words it does everything. I had a Harbor slam the first time I tied it on, snook, redfish, and trout. If you google Rose Lipped Popper there will be a link to how to tie the fly on Facebook. I could not find any FFISW archives.

  2. If you have a pond, summer temps, and a fly rod, this fly will catch fish. I like to drop a Rubber legged dragon with no weight off of mine when the bass are slow and I want to tango with some bream. If you want to introduce someone to fly fishing use the afformentioned combo and cast it for them then let them retrieve it. Teaching casting is much easier once that person knows what its like to hook a bass on the fly!

  3. I whole heartily agree that this fly is my #1 LMB fly, most days its all I throw. I like the detailed info and instructions that Kent added to his site on this fly – I got the cutter set and tye lots of them in different sizes, colors, with bushy under-body and lots of legs. Always include a weed/brush guard so you can confidently throw it back into the brier patch where Mr and Mrs LBM live.

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