Chard’s Snapping Shrimp

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It’s time to go to the Bahamas and catch bonefish!

Seriously, I’m going to the Bahamas tomorrow morning for the first week of the G&G Andros South bonefish trip. I can’t wait. And in the box of flies I’m taking along there is a healthy handful of Bruce Chard‘s Snapping Shrimp patterns.

This is one of the first bonefish flies I learned to tie and it’s a s productive now as it was then. It’s a versatile little fly that takes almost no time to tie and catches bonefish on any flat in the Bahamas. And plenty of other places I’m sure.

It may be too late for you to go to South Andros with me tomorrow, but it’s not too late to tie some Snapping Shrimp for your next trip.

Watch the video and learn to tie Chard’s Snapping Shrimp.

Louis Cahill
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3 thoughts on “Chard’s Snapping Shrimp

  1. This style of fly (Snapping Shrimp) has been a winner for me over the years, especially when fishing for spooky tailing fish in shallow water. I tie it with a black plastic eye (no weight) and it lands very softly while still presenting a profile large enough for the fish to see.

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