The Six Million Dollar Gink and Gasoline

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The New Gink and Gasoline

For the last six months Kent and I have been on a mission.

Well, two missions really. Our usual mission of bringing you, our readers, the absolute best fly fishing content we can muster and a second, secret mission.

We know our readers love G&G, but we know there have been problems. Mobile device issues and bandwidth problems. Back during the summer we busted our piggy banks and took on the mission to take Gink and Gasoline to the next level.

The site you see today is the result of those efforts. Built from the ground up by the good folks at Massive Studio in Bozeman MT, this platform will carry G&G in to the future. A future that we hope will be a bright one for you and for us.

We see this as a beginning. An evolutionary leap beyond our modest beginnings as a fishing blog. We are excited about the new site but even more excited about the future. We pledge to continue to raise the bar, to push our limits and to bring you the best fly fishing experience on the web.

I will take this opportunity to ask for your help. Help us make G&G everything it can be. Support our advertisers. They are buying the Gink and the Gas we need to make this dream come true. Click on their ads and check out their products. Visit the new Gink Stuff online store and if you have a few bucks to throw away, fly the colors. Together we can make this baby soar!

Lastly, give us your feedback. If something on the new site is not working for you, let us know. We are still ironing out the last few wrinkles and your input is valuable. If you have technical issues, please shoot us an email and be sure to let us know what operating system and browser you use. We want this site to purr like a kitten.

Kent and I remind ourselves every day that without you, the readers, there is no Gink and Gasoline. We thank you for your support. We thank you for being our partners. We thank you for being part of the G&G family. You simply kick ass!

This video says more than words can how we feel about the New G&G. Please share it.

Come fish with us in the Bahamas!

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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18 thoughts on “The Six Million Dollar Gink and Gasoline

  1. Hells Yeah! You guys have rocked this thing out! The newest version of the site is great, and adding the store to the site is just icing on the cake. Every morning I grab a cup of coffee and pull up G&G. The writing, the tips and the videos that you guys post for everyone are awesome, and extremely educational. There are a lot of blogs that just cut and paste from other websites, and that’s cool….they have their place in the blog world as well, but it gets old. What I really enjoy the site most for is the original content, instructional videos, and unique writings (i.e. “Omar” and “Standing in the river carrying a torch”, which are my two favorite). I really appreciate the time and effort you guys have spent making this blog freakin’ badass. Later dudes!

    • Justin,

      Thank you for being such a loyal follower of Gink & Gasoline. You always take the time to voice your opinion and add your input on our posts. I’m sure your tips have helped others catch more fish. We’re a community and family at G&G and people like you are the brick and mortar that holds everything together. Thank you and have a great day my friend.


  2. I was quite excited the first time I didn’t have to constantly scroll back and forth to read a post on any screen smaller than 17″! As most technically inclined, fanatical fly fishermen, I follow many fly fishing blogs, but I really appreciate yours for your edginess. There is a little more fervor in your writing that appeals to a slightly more hip (for lack of a better term) crowd.

    • Charles,

      I can’t tell you how happy I am to know that you can finally view the G&G website the way you want to. Thanks to Massive Studios help, we found a fix to a problem that bugged each and every one of us.

      Thanks for letting us know our content is hitting the mark with you. We strive to bring original fly fishing content that’s appealing to all fly fisherman. Thanks for your continued support and have a stellar day.


  3. So a little redundant… but this is a great site. It is one of the first things I read every morning. Keep up the excellent work. As a newer reader, the Gierach article was what really sold me (so much so, I printed and put the article in my library).

    Wish I could join you all in South Andros this time, but my new wife and I are heading to North Andros in a few days for the honeymoon. Maybe next time.

  4. Love the site and your blog. Great info, tips etc. and always great photos. This new generation of fly fishing/blogs and shops is much improved over the stuffy stuff of the past. The Drake, S.C.O.F., G&G make fly fishing more interesting and more fun to be around. These guys and shops like 3 Rivers, etc. break away from the stuffy old man syndrome and come up with cool, up to date “stuff” to wear and makes it easy to support and advertise for you guys.

  5. I also read every new post as part of the morning ritual and love the new site! The mobile experience is also a huge improvement. Great job!

  6. I’ll be honest here: This is one of my favorite blogs anywhere, and has been for a while. That being said, I dug the old style better. I understand things change and evolve, and that this format is probably better for a lot of people, but I didn’t have any issues with the last format.

    But, hell, it’s really the content that keeps bringing me back. I can get used to the format for that. Now help me get through this freakin’ frozen wasteland that is Illinois in Winter…

    • Dan,

      Sorry you don’t like the format as well. We got so many emails from people complaining about viewing problems on their browsers and iso devices, that we had to listen and find a solution.

      Give it some time and maybe it will grow on you. Thanks for your support.


  7. Dig this! Now I can read it on an iphone or as noted above – a screen smaller than 17″. You guys rock, keep up the good work and thanks for the stellar info!

  8. I like the new site. A solid content management system is money, so I hope it works out for you. Looks and bugs will get ironed out, but a solid foundation is important. I happy to see you guys investing in the site as well as the content.

    The content is the main reason I always click on a new G&G article in my RSS reader. I keep finding interesting little tid bits that will help me become a better fisherman. So, thanks for all of the awesome articles; can’t wait to see what you have in store.

  9. I wasn’t raised to be a complainer, so I never did. This new site is a much better experience, keep up the great writing / photos.

  10. Whoa! I can read Gink on my iPhone now! Great job and an awesome face lift. Looking forward to reading G&G from the mens room at work…… ok, now more importantly, beanies. We need beanies. A Gink-o-Gasoline beanie would be sweet!

  11. I was a complainer but now I am happy. The Massive Studio re-do solves the old spacing problem and your editing is getting better too. Content is still fun to read. Congratulations.

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