Sunday’s Classic / Metal Studs Aren’t Just Good For Traction in Water

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I’ve just found another reason why I love my metal studded wading boots. They work great for climbing trees and retrieving my clients flies. I also just found out I’ve officially become a fat ass, and that branch I was grabbing onto was a poison ivy vine, oops. I’m going to pay for that mistake for the next two weeks.

Seriously though, if you jumped onto the non-felt sole bandwagon recently, I highly encourage you to add studs if your new rubber soled boots didn’t come with them. In my opinion, it’s the only way to go for reliable traction.

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Kent Klewein
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4 thoughts on “Sunday’s Classic / Metal Studs Aren’t Just Good For Traction in Water

  1. I have not tried tree climbing – and am not sure that I will any time soon, but who knows.

    I just got a new pair of the Simms Rivertek Boa Boots (my second) and am trying out the aluminum bite star cleats for the first time this go around. I imagine that they are pretty good at gripping the rocks.

    I will know in a couple of weeks when I head up to the West Branch of the Ausable in a couple of weeks.

  2. I switched over to rubber soles a couple of years ago. I was terribly dismayed when I saw the price of the Simms spikes and the first thing I did was go to the hardware store and buy a box of 100 sheet metal screws for $5! They work great and maybe wear down a bit quicker, but I change them once a year.

  3. While studs are great for traction when wading, they will tear the hell out of other surfaces such as the floats on a float plane, the floor of your raft or the floor boards on a boat. Just something to keep in mind. And yes they allow for almost magical feats of climbing and traction, though in my case said feats usually end up with gravity in the winner’s circle.

    • MA,

      Gravity sucks. I agree with you that studs can damage the hell out of boat and other floor surfaces. I keep one studded pair for wading and one non-studded for boats and anywhere else I need to be careful of damage. Thx for comment.


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