Saturday’s Shoutout / MidCurrent Talks Musky & Towee Rivermaster SRO

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This week’s Saturday Shoutout we bring you two great reads from MidCurrent. One’s a fly fishing musky primer and the other is a really cool Q&A piece with Captain Todd Gregory (Towee Boats master builder). It talks about the ins and outs of the boat company and talks in great detail about the Towee Rivermaster SRO (this boat I totally dig). I enjoyed reading both the articles written by Dave Karczynski. He does a standup job on the content he writes for MidCurrent. Thanks for supporting Gink & Gasoline with your readership we hope everyone has a grand weekend.


If you’re looking at stepping up to challenge of tackling musky on the fly, MidCurrent provides a great primer written by Dave Karczynski. It’s got pretty much all you need to know to get started. Fly Fishing for Musky Primer


I’ve always been a drift boat guy but after reading this article I think I’m beginning to understand why the Towee Rivermaster SRO is getting so much buzz. Do you struggle with low flows on your tailwaters like I do? This boat floats high and it’s narrow beam will allow you to maneuver through rock gardens with ease. Fish for trout one day and hit the salt or lake the next. That’s awesome in my book. Read about the Towee Rivermaster SRO and a good Q&A with Captain Todd Gregory of Towee Boats.

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