Saturday Shoutout / Hatches Realistic Ant and Early Season on Depuy’s Creek

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This weeks Saturday shoutout goes to Hatches for a great step by step tutorial on a super realistic foam ant and Fly Anglers Online for a great article about early season trout tactics for Depuy’s Spring Creek in MT.

Hatches Realistic Foam Ant by Serei Utkin


In my opinion it’s never too early to start loading up your fly boxes with terrestrials. It’s not even spring and I’m already getting excited about this year’s terrestrial season. Hatches recently posted a great step by step tying tutorial for a super realistic foam ant. Don’t worry, it’s realistic but it’s actually pretty easy to tie. I can’t wait to try this pattern out on my homewater this year. Click the link to find out how to tie up this killer pattern.

Fly Anglers Online – Early Season Tips 4 Depuy’s Creek


Fly Anglers Online has been a mainstay for me for years for its great fly fishing content. Recently, Satoshi Yamamoto provided a great article detailing early season trout tactics on Depuy’s Spring Creek. He also dropped three hot fly patterns to help you get your rod bent. I’ve actually fished all three of these on Depuy’s Creek and had great luck with them. This article is worth a read if you plan on visiting this great spring creek in the near future. Click on the link to read the full article.

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