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This weeks Saturday shoutout I re-shed some light on a few fly fishing articles that are oldies but goodies. All of these were good reads the first time around and they’re still worthy of our time to re-visit and read a second time because of their valuable information and entertainment.

Finpusher – “A Gettin After It Production”


When I get a chance to give props to folks I respect and are super cool, I always do my best to follow through with it. I’d not be where I am today without the gracious support I’ve received by others in the past. Collin Carlson, is one of those charismatic characters that you don’t run across all that often and I think needs more recognition and support. He’s the kind of guy that you strike up a conversation with and five minutes later, he’s offering to take you fly fishing. If Collin didn’t live half-way across the country from me, there’s no doubt in my mind, I’d stay busy exploring water with him. Collin’s a jedi at the vise and well known for his meaty streamer patterns that trophy fish find delicious. He’s a very diversified fly angler and caught an insane amount of species on fly. If it swims, Collin can catch it.

Did I mention Collin’s also well versed in photography and cinematography, and that his blog, Finpusher, gets me chomping at the bit to get on the water every time I read it. Below are a couple oldies of his that I thoroughly enjoyed and wanted to share, just in case some of you haven’t read them yet. Thank you Collin, for everything that you do. You inspire me and I hope to hit the water with you soon.

Tying the “Provo Hooker” Streamer

Why You Smell So Musky?

Fly Fishing and Extraterrestrials

What to do when the Hatch is Over – Fly Fishing Strategizing


Phillip Monahan, contributor for, wrote a great fly fishing strategizing article a while back. The purpose was to help fly anglers that struggle to catch trout after a hatch they were fishing had ended. Phillip went out and picked the brains of several fly fishing legends, asking them all what they do when they’re confronted with this situation on the water. To read the full article click here.

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for continuing to follow Gink & Gasoline.

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