Saturday Shoutout / Block Ties Flies, Deeter Talks Bonefishing

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This weeks Saturday shoutout I grace you with two quick reads. Erin Block stimulates our brains about the rewards of fly tying and Kirk Deeter shares three bonefishing tips that his recent guide in the bahamas taught him that’s guaranteed to help you find success. Have a great weekend and thanks for tuning into Gink & Gasoline.


Erin Block sheds some personal light on why she enjoys tying her own fly patterns. She eloquently explains spending time at the tying bench tying beautiful flies helps her to be more confident on the water. Block says, “And so we tie not because we have to, but rather because of what we want. Herein lies a great freedom–an exhalation from the bindings that once held our world together–and art comes out of that release.” Erin Block’s superb fly fishing article is brought to you courtesy of MidCurrent, fly fishing at its best. I hope it inspires all of you to tie up some beautiful fly patterns of your own this weekend before you hit the water. Read Full Article


Kirk Deeter does it again this week by providing us sound fly fishing advice that we can “take to the bank”. Inspired by his recent bonefishing trip to the Bahamas, Kirk Deeter shares his guides three tips for guaranteeing you more success on the flats chasing bonefish. Reed Full Article.

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