Playground Earth Relay Episode #3 – Fly Fishing Owyhee River

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Playground Earth All-Terrain Relay Episode#3 – Fly Fishing Owyhee River

Louis and I are proud to showcase with all of you today Episode #3 of the Playground Earth All-Terrain Relay sponsored by BFGoodrich, which documents an epic off-roading and fly fishing adventure to the Owyhee River for trophy brown trout.

We couldn’t be happier with the final cut and we hope all of you thoroughly enjoy watching the brilliant work created by Camp 4 Collective. First, we’d like to thank BFGoodrich and The Martin Agency who believed in us and allowed us to participate in this once in a life-time opportunity. We’d also like to thank Camp 4 Collective for making us look top notch and Rob Parkins, our Lead Location Scout, who put in countless hours of his time to make sure our relay was a success. We couldn’t have pulled it off without these great partners.


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24 thoughts on “Playground Earth Relay Episode #3 – Fly Fishing Owyhee River

  1. I ran into a German couple backpacking near the Owhee. When asked how they chose to go there they said they looked at a map of the US from space, at night, and picked the darkest spot.

    Nice work gents, I know it wasn’t as easy as it looks.

  2. Excellent video, those are some spectacular browns! Had my eye on an Owyhee mission last summer and bailed, it’s back on the hit list now!

  3. Nice video. Interesting editing of the driving locations with the fishing locations. The cutaways with the driving areas are completely different from the fishing area on the Owyhee. The upper canyon is shown in the driving sections and the lower canyon is the fishing location.

    • Dave,

      We obviously had no control over the editing of the video. We did however spend time on both the lower and upper Owyhee River. Sounds like you know the area and I think you would agree the driving shots fit much better on the lower. Thanks for the comment.


      • Yes, I know the area well. The editing was very well done, I like what they did with it. It’s just a little deceptive if people think they are hiking into this rugged canyon to catch the large browns, which is not quite the case.

    • Dave, there are a couple of inaccuracies in the video. You are totally right about the locations. I think it’s important to point out that the editing was done by guys who live in Richmond VA, don’t fish and were not on the shoot. In addition, the actual time we spent fishing on camera was much less than we would have liked. We had weather issues as well as a healthy shot list of tire shots. After all BFG was paying the bill and it is a tire commercial.

      That said, I think they did a great job and the mistakes that were made were honest ones. Nobody is trying to deceive anyone here. They are just trying to make the best film they can make. It’s not a travelogue. It’s a mood piece about fishing and tires. That’s it, and we are proud to be part of it.

      I am much more concerned that a sound clip of me talking about fishing the rods I make was used behind a clip of me stringing up my Scott F2. I have formally apologized to the boys at Scott but I’d like to make it clear here. That is a Scott F2 3weight and I did not make it. Furthermore, it is one of the finest rods I have ever cast.

      Thanks for your support. I hope you will forgive us for some minor flaws in what I believe is a great piece of work and a testament to our sport.

      • I meant no disrespect to you guys or the editing crew for the video. It was very well done and I really enjoyed it. My observations were simply from someone who has fished the area quite a bit and noticed the differences in the cutaway shots as compared to the actual fishing areas.

  4. Sweet video fellas. I don’t know the first thing about the Owyhee (yet) so I didn’t pick up on any of that stuff, but regardless of all that it’s pretty darn cool. You guys should be proud of the effort ya’ll put into it as well. I know you guys fished your asses off to get some good fishing content in the video.

  5. I find the video quite off-putting. The Owyhee was my home water up until about 20 years ago, well before it became popular. My preference would be for videos like this to not list the location–which really doesn’t add anything to the film from BFG’s point of view and only serves to further commercialize the water. Had they not listed the location and portrayed the river as some generic high-desert stream with big fish, it wouldn’t matter that they filmed the driving scenes at locations well removed from the fishing scenes. As is, it makes me want to buy goodyear.

  6. We have been guiding guide both the upper river (Rome, Oregon to Birch Creek) for over 12 years. The browns are not located off the dirt roads the smallmouth are. The browns are on the roaded section of the river outside of Adrian, Oregon.

    • Dave,

      Yes you are correct. I would have loved to do a five day float down the canyon on the upper. Logistically the crew did not have the time and could not feasibly do it with all the power it took to keep everything running. I bet you’ve do. That a gazillion times and I’m jealous.


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