Echo Fly Rods 2014 – Shadow 2 & Fiberglass Series

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Echo steps it up for 2014 with the Shadow 2 and their fiberglass rod line. Photo Louis Cahill

I’m really excited to showcase the new Shadow 2 fly rod and the Echo Fiberglass fly rod series from Echo today. Louis and I interviewed Tim Rajeff and got the 4-1-1 on these two very cool rod lines. Tim worked with the highly decorated fly fisherman and guide Pete Erickson to design the super innovative Shadow 2 fly rod. They call it a hybrid design that bridges the gap between a nymphing rod and a traditional fly rod, and I have to say, I like what I see. I’ve found myself in situations many times where I needed a little more rod length to get that perfect drag free drift to a feeding trout.


Echo Shadow 2 fly rod. Photo Louis Cahill

Sometimes, no matter how high your skill level is, a standard 8 to 9 foot fly rod won’t provide you enough length to high-stick effectively or pull off that big mid-drift mend. Some people may argue, just move in closer Kent, but the fact is, sometimes that’s not an option. Sometimes the water is too fast or too deep to move in. Other times, the fish are too spooky to risk moving in closer. For situations like this, the Shadow 2 fly rod with the competition kit upgrade, will drastically sway the odds in the anglers favor because the two six-inch butt section rod extensions will quickly give you the ability to extend your rod length in seconds for those technical fishing situations.

The competition kit also comes with a screw-in counter balance weight, which will help balance out the longer rod and cut down on fishing fatigue, and you’ll also get an attachable fighting butt. A lot of people will tell you the Shadow 2 is a niche nymphing rod. I’ll tell you straight up, it’s more than that. Having the ability to quickly lengthen your rod will also help out when you’re dealing with fishing technical dry/dropper fishing situations. We don’t just high-stick spots on the water with subsurface flies, we do it also with dries and emergers. For $250, this outfit will give the angler the opportunity to have three different rods at his or her fingertips, and I think it’s going to prove invaluable on the water quite frequently, once the angler gets used to using modular system.

The Echo Fiberglass fly rod series is Echo’s answer of what a full fiberglass rod line should encompass. At $199 it will allow anglers to enjoy the grace and sensitivity that fiberglass rods are known for bringing anglers, and it’s available in several rod weights and lengths, which will give you the luxury of choosing a fiberglass rod that will suit you best for where you live. If you’re looking at getting into the fiberglass game, we encourage you to look at Echo’s fiberglass fly rod. It’s a well built rod at a very economical price.

Check out the Echo Shadow 2 and Echo Fiberglass fly rod product video below and let us know what you think. For more information on these great rods please check out: Echo Fly Rods

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11 thoughts on “Echo Fly Rods 2014 – Shadow 2 & Fiberglass Series

  1. Like the innovative part of the Shadow 2.
    Unfortunately I’m cautious about getting one (although the price is perfect!) as having a ‘not quite’ rod.

    Hope to read your review (honest!) on this rod though.

    • I think innovation on fly rods is the enemy of high end rod companies.

      Why? Because innovation means revolution rather than evolution. Innovation comes with (too) large improvements on existing ideas or concepts. This is where the trouble is: revolution might result in consumers not buying it because it’s too extreme.

      An example of true innovation is ArcticSilver’s idea to ditch the cork grip for an integrated plastic handle. Hmm… Their idea certainly makes sense but I doubt this idea will be a big success. There’s very slight resemblance to Sage’s Center Axis rod series. The idea is nice but also not a huge success either. Mainly because you’re stuck with the reel that came along with the rod.

      High end rod manufacturers like Sage want to keep on a slow evolutionary path so they can release a new rod every two to four years. This way, they can make money and don’t risk alienating their loyal customer base.

      But I applaud Echo for taking the step of innovating their fly rods!

  2. It’s not innovation but adaptation of an existing rod, the Greys Streamflex + from the Hardy/Greys stable is an 9ft 6 dry fly rod with an 6 inch extending piece contained in the Butt when removed and fitted it then becomes a 10ft nymph rod and this rod has been in production for at least 2 years.

  3. This seems like a really cool rod. I really hope they’re much lighter than the first echo shadows. They’re great rods too, but as you get into the longer lengths they really get tip heavy and it’s hard to balance them. I really like the fact that you can extend the rod without having to re-rig, or cut and re-tie your leader to your fly line. Having the option to add a butt is great too. I prefer one when nymphing all day. It really helps with fatigue while fighting fish.

    • Justin,

      The Shadow 2 that I felt was light and they did say they lightened it from the previous model. Then you add the counter balance weight and I think that will help out also for the longer set ups.


  4. The original Echo Shadow PE is a fantastic rod. I have been fishing 3wt 10ft for over a year. I can’t wait for the new one. Adjusting the length of the rod and the counter balance weights should make for another fantastic rod at a great value!!!

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