30 Days in True Flies Clothing

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I love my True Flies clothing. Photo By: Louis Cahill

Those of you that have seen me in photos have probably noticed I wear pretty much the same gear in every picture. The reason for that is when I find a product I love, I stick with it, with steadfast loyalty. No, it’s not 100% of the time, I do like to experiment and test new products in the market from time to time, but it’s most of the time, and that’s what counts, right?

A little over a month ago, I got my hands on a True Flies Turtle Bay Polo, short-sleeve shirt. I had noticed the True Flies brand in the past, but didn’t pay much attention to the new clothing company. My first thought actually when I ran across the True Flies brand was, “Man do they have the odds stacked up against them in the fishing apparel business. There’s so much competition”. Boy was I completely off base when I made that assumption. I now stand corrected. Once I actually slapped one of their shirts on my back and I felt the aura of instant bliss rush over my body, I realized True Flies clothing was very special. I know it sounds cheesy, but that’s the honest to god truth. You know that ten year old t-shirt you own that you’ve insisted on keeping around the house since your college days? It’s the one your wife keeps threatening to throw away because it’s faded and has random holes throughout. You refuse to retire it because it’s the most comfortable shirt you own and you wish you had a dozen more like it, right?. That’s the best analogy I can provide you to describe how that True Flies shirt felt on my skin for the first time…, smooth as butter and damn near weightless. Things could only have gotten better if I’d been sipping on a ice-cold beer and smoking a fine-aged cigar.

That first Turtle Bay Polo shirt crafted out of 100% polyester pique fabric, opened my eyes, and left me wanting more. I decided I had to get my hands on more True Flies clothing, not just other shirts in their line, but their pants and shorts as well. This way I could truly experience and judge the True Flies brand as a whole–the way it was designed and intended to be worn. I’d then wear the clothing exclusively for 30 days straight, and post a review on the blog, but It wouldn’t be like a lot of the other gear reviews you see out there, where someone wears or uses a product a handful of times, and then goes out and writes a review. I’d instead stick to my guns, do it legit, and try to beat the clothing into submission, by wearing it non-stop and machine washing/drying it to death. I figured if it held up, and I still felt just as jazzed about the rest of the clothing as I did the first time I tried on that first Turtle Bay Polo, I’d be serving all of you a worthy and credible testimonial about True Flies clothing that you could fully trust.

30 Days and Counting in True Flies

So that’s just what I did. I’ve kept my promise and wore various pieces of True Flies clothing for over 30 days straight now and counting. The clothing shows no signs of wear and tear and I’m just as enthused about True Flies clothing as I was the first day I wore it. I’ve been wearing the Captiva Air-Light Pants under my waders and for everyday casual wear. As much as I love my jeans, they’ve become obsolete and put on the back burner. My wife’s happy because the turtle bay short-sleeve polo’s and tee’s have me looking presentable and civilized in public, and I’ve found the cool temperatures of fall is a perfect climate to wear my turtle bay long-sleeves as a base layer. They provide a warm, moisture-wicking layer that’s comfortable and functional. What about their fly fishing Bokeelia woven long-sleeve fishing shirt? I picked up one of those as well. I compared it to a handful of other brands I own, and although I’d like to see a more functional pocket design on the shirt, it did make up for it by its increased comfort when compared to the other brands. Looking for a pair of killer flats shorts to wear on the skiff? True Flies Oyster Creek Shorts are the best quick-drying flats shorts I’ve ever worn. They’re so light weight, you’ll feel like you’re fly fishing in your boxers. Speaking of boxers, I’d like to see them make a boxers line in the future as well. I bet they would excel at this as well.

Its rare for a clothing company to hit a home run with all of their product lines. You usually really like a few pieces while others fall short of your expectations. That’s why I was so surprised to find that literally every piece of True Flies clothing I wore, exceeded my expectations above and beyond. But it wasn’t until I found myself driving a curvy moutain road one day, stuck behind a tourist driving 15mph below the speed limit and riding the brakes, that I knew there was something really special about True Flies clothing. I normally would have been pulling my hair out and screaming at the top of my lungs, but I found myself instead calm and collective with grin on my face. True story.

True Flies Quality and Functionality is in the Details

Michael Blue, who everyone calls “Blue”, is the man behind the scenes, heading the vision and design process at True Flies. Michael Blue has spent his entire career in the apparel business. He’s worked for some of the biggest apparel companies in the business and he’s mastered the art of creating clothing that is comfortable and functional. Take a minute to talk with him and you’ll find he’s not a stuck up corporate guy, but a die hard fisherman, that’s not only passionate about what he does, but also humble and confident enough in his work, that he understands the importance of listening to the customer. Blue hand picks the best fabrics for True Flies clothing and he’s shown when done right, you can create both technical and comfortable clothing that will function awesome on the water, but also carry with it enough style for you to look good off the water as well. That’s easier said than done, but Michael Blue makes it look effortless. If you pay close attention to how all True Flies clothing is constructed, you’ll notice that all the seams have been precisely placed by Blue, so you have the highest level of “free movement” when you’re wearing the clothing. This is one of the key reasons why the clothing is so comfortable to wear and what I think, really sets True Flies apart from many other clothing companies. The clothes stay in place and don’t rub around on your skin, even during periods of physical activity. And all the fabrics Blue chooses feels like they’ve been pre-broken in, and this is what gives you that true comfort feel, just like that old college shirt or the pair of paper thin jeans you own.

Buy True Flies clothing with confidence. It doesn’t matter whether its polyester, cotton or a nylon twill, I’m confident all the True Flies clothing will blow you away with its quality and TRUE comfort. That’s now what I think of when I see the brand. True Flies in my mind equals “True Comfort”. Give it a try and you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about. I bet you’ll even feel compelled to spread the word with all your friends, just like I have. For more information about this great clothing please visit True Flies.

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