Tim Rajeff on Understanding Fly Rod Action

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Fly rod action can be confusing, especially for the beginner.

Terms like fast and slow, tip flex and mid flex, which we use to describe the action of a rod can be vague to the uninitiated. When it comes time to choose a rod that’s right for your casting style and fishing application, too many anglers are just buying the rod with the best marketing.

Next week we are going to talk in depth about choosing the right rod and exactly how to go about doing it. Today, our buddy Tim Rajeff, owner and rod designer of Echo Fly Rods, is going to explain what some of the terms mean and how they apply to your fly fishing. He’s going to show you how rod designers fine tune their actions and discuss how weight and materials come into play.

Watch the 2 videos below and learn about rod action from one of the world’s best casters and rod designers.

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4 thoughts on “Tim Rajeff on Understanding Fly Rod Action

  1. interesting thought on rod mass as it relates to small stream light weight rods…had a fly shop owner demonstrate to me how the heavier mass on the fiberglass rods allowed those rods to properly load with with just the leader outside the tip of the rod, as is common in those fishing situations…

  2. Tim is one of the few rod company’s spokesperson & designer who explains using easy to understand language rather than Jerry Siem’s mumbo jumbo.

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