The Recharge

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Classic Justin Photo by Louis Cahill

Classic Justin Photo by Louis Cahill

By Justin Pickett

Have you ever had a bad morning on the water? The morning when nothing seems to go right.

You know… maybe your best catch so far is a nice rhododendron bush.

Or you lost that big trophy brown trout after a less than desirable net job.

Or perhaps your favorite spot is overrun with kayaks and tubers.

Or worst yet, you fell in the water, dislocated a finger, broke your rod… all the while, your fly box is currently whistling the tune “Row Row Row Your Boat”. Not saying that’s ever happened to me… I’m just sayin’.

Shit happens, but these things can quickly turn a nice morning into something rather frustrating.

It’s happened to me plenty of times over the years, and there have been days where it’s completely ruined my fishing mojo for the rest of the day. My confidence goes south and I find myself making poor casts, horrible presentations, and f-bombs fly off left and right.

Something that I’ve started doing recently has helped me deal with the frustrations that can present themselves on the water.

Nap Time.

Yes. Take a nap. Even if it’s just a thirty minute power nap. Sometimes that’s all I need to recharge, shake everything off, and start fresh.

So the next time you find yourself having one of “those days”, break it up with a nice little streamside siesta. Besides being some of the best sleep you’ll ever get, afterwards you’ll be better able to shake off the negative vibes and focus on the task at hand… Having an awesome time on the water.


Justin Pickett
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25 thoughts on “The Recharge

  1. i used to carry a backpack hammock, just for riverside naps. It took up little room in my pack, and was fitted with D-snaps. This made it easy to find two trees and hang to hang it in – and I was in the snooze business.
    A few years back, we moved just a few minutes from my fishing grounds. Nowadays, I spend less time on the water, but go more often. This means that by the time I’m ready for a nap – Im probably on the way home.
    But I can still recommend the hammock, for would-be dozers. Many was the day I went fishing, as an excuse to deploy the sleep sling!

  2. I did this very thing last weekend while fishing for whipers on Norfork Lake in Southern Missouri. Pulled the drift boat into shallow water, anchored up, pooped the feet up onto the knee braces and napped away.

  3. You must have been watching me this last week-end, an entire week-end of being a clutzy, water frothing, fishless angler.
    Got one of my swims on the go pro even.

    • Happens to the best of us Bob. But hey, sometimes when things are so bad the silver lining is that it can only get better right? Thanks for the comment!

    • Drewski…’ve now been napping since 12:29pm your time. I’m talking about a short nap dude. You can’t catch fish if you’re gonna sleep the day away!

  4. Good call. I’ve had many a good naps while turkey hunting as well after getting my ass handed to me early in the morning by a gobbler. A nap mid morning gets your mind right for the mid day hunt.

    • I can recall falling asleep in a deer blind/stand on many occasions. Typically during the longer hunts during the rut. While the nap is definitely nice, there have been a few times I’ve woken up to the “white flag” likely running away from my snoring! Thanks for the comment!

  5. Naps, lunch, breaks are Great! And, risking a little Zen, a 15 minute meditation can really ground and clear…

  6. My worst morning started when I stepped onto a mid-stream island and came face to face with a rattlesnake ready to strike. I retreated. I don’t think a nap would overcome the adrenaline rush.

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