Sunday Classic / Trout Utilize Shade Year Round and So Should Anglers

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Trout use shade for multiple reasons, not just for cooler water in the summer. Photo Louis Cahill

When fly anglers bring up the topic of targeting shade in conversation for catching trout, most of the time they’re talking about doing it during the dog days of summer.

Although it’s true that trout will regularly seek out shade (for cooler water) when water temperatures are elevated, it’s not the only time nor reason trout utilize it. Trout also use shade to camouflage themselves from both predators and the prey they feed on. If you don’t agree with me, tell me if it’s easier to spot a trout in the sun or in the shade. Trout understand this, and that’s why they often gravitate towards it on sunny days, even during the colder months of the year. The third reason trout search out shade is to cut down on the glare in their eyes, so they can spot drifting food in the current more effectively.

I was on the water the other day guiding and it was forty degrees with water temperatures in the upper 30s. The majority of the trout we caught were located in the shade, and the main reason for that was the blue bird sky conditions we had. It concentrated the trout in deep water and in the shadows of logs, boulders and overhanging foliage. If we wouldn’t have combed the shady areas with our flies, it could have turned out ugly for me and my client.

Remember the importance of shade next time you’re on the water with sunny conditions trout fishing. Pay close attention also to the shadows that are cast across the surface of the water from trees. Trout use this form of shade cover nearly as much as the rest I mentioned.

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