Sunday Classic / Fly Fishing Shade In The Summer Can Keep You Hooked Up

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Shade is your friend during the summer, fish it. Photo By: Louis Cahill

When summer is in full swing water temperatures are at their highest levels of the year.

Fly anglers can stay in the action longer if they concentrate on fishing shaded areas. I don’t care if you’re on the lake fly fishing for bass or on your local tailwater chasing trout, I’ve found shaded areas consistently attract fish during the summer months. Shade offers fish shelter from the sun and also cooler water temperatures. Any shade is good, but if you can find shade and deep water together, you’re generally going to be looking at a honey hole this time of year. Fly fishing during the summer can often be very challenging for fly anglers. Fish can become lethargic in the summer heat and they tend to feed more in the morning and late evening, and rest during the middle and afternoon hours of the day. Fly anglers that understand this, generally opt for starting their day extra early or focus on the late evening bite. Doing so, they maximize their fishing time on the water when the sun is the lowest in the horizon and the fish are the most active. Next time you’re out on the water this summer and the bite gets tough, try searching out shaded areas on the water and you should be able to pick up a few more fish.

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Classic / Fly Fishing Shade In The Summer Can Keep You Hooked Up

  1. I agree, but am curious as to how far do you think a trout will travel in a river to go to shade? Understand that a spot in the shade may have been in the sun earlier in the day or flip that around.

  2. Generally fish know(?) where to be when the sun is up.
    These spots are also spots with lots of cover (trees, under cut banks) and they are the presidential suites so fish will hang around these spots anyway. If one leaves the other (larger) one will move in.

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