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This week’s Saturday shout I showcase Troutsource for its weekly fishing reports that focuses on several of the top trout waters across the country, and Chris Parsons blog, that provides very informative fly fishing advice from a veteran fly fishing guide.


Troutsource is a great website that provides fly fishermen weekly fishing reports for over thirty popular trout waters across the country. Anglers will find accurate information on the water conditions and hatches in real time, which is perfect for all us trout bums trying to plan a fishing trip abroad.

BeTheFly – Chris Parsons

Chris Parsons has been a full-time fly fishing guide for almost a decade now. He currently guides out of The Fly Shop in Redding, CA. His blog, BeTheFly, is one of the best for anglers wanting to plan a fishing trip to Northern California, and he also provides tons of informative blog posts from fly fishing technique to fly pattern selection. He’s currently writing a blog series named the “Magnificent 7”, which showcases the top seven fly patterns all fly anglers should stock in their fly box to make sure they catch trout anywhere they step foot in water.

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