Get Your Strip Set Right Every Time: Video

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Photo by Louis Cahill

Photo by Louis Cahill

By Louis Cahill

Remembering to strip set is the hardest thing for anglers new to saltwater fly fishing.

It’s absolutely crucial in saltwater angling to use a strip set. If you lift the tip of your rod at all, known as trout setting, you will not get the hook into the hard mouth of any saltwater fish. It’s hard for beginners though. When the fish eats, muscle memory takes over and the body does what it’s used to doing. If you’re a trout angler, that’s a trout set.

More saltwater fish are lost as a result of weak hook sets than anything else. When I teach my bonefish schools I work with students to be sure they have the pressure right. I hold the line and have them set the hook several times, telling them when they are using the right amount of force. It’s like a firm handshake. Enough to say your serious but not enough to start a fight.

Even with this practice it’s hard to fight the muscle memory and put it all together when the fish eats. I tell my students to say “strip set” out loud every time they strip the fly. It feels silly but I have never seen it fail. If you say “strip set” you will strip set. It’s a great device to keep your head in the game.

Watch this video to see me make a good strip set and get some pointers on getting it right.


Louis Cahill
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One thought on “Get Your Strip Set Right Every Time: Video

  1. That’s a really good tip. It took me a Long time to learn that one and every time I’d go to fresh water to fish, I’d regress.
    Now, living inland I still want to strip set and I’ve got to sometimes remember to get my rod tip up!

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