10 Tips to Keep You Catching Fish During Your Fly Fishing Travels

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10 Tips to Keep You Catching Fishing During Your Fly Fishing Travels. Photo By: Louis Cahill

It’s easy to get out of your game when you’re traveling and fly fishing a new piece of water.

It has happened to me plenty of times, where I find myself fly fishing and going against all my fishing catching principles. Stick to what works for you on your home water and keep your confidence, and you’ll be landing beautiful fish in no time. Below are ten principles that I always make sure I live by when I’m fly fishing abroad on unfamiliar waters.

1. Spend your time fishing productive water, don’t waist your time fishing subpar water.

2. Look for the 3 C’s (Cover, Current, Cusine) to locate the hotspots.

3. Always position yourself where you can get your best presentation and drift.

4. Have your fly rig setup correctly for the water you’re fishing (nymph rig set correctly, long enough leader for spooky risers, correct tippet size, ect).

5. Take the time to figure out the food source the fish are keying in on. Take regular bug samplings throughout the day and keep an eye out for aquatic insects on the water.

6. Always fish with confidence and fish hard. Persistence usually pays off.

7. Don’t be afraid to move on if the water your fishing is slow. Even pack up and change watersheds if fishing conditions are bad enough. Its saved me on many fishing trips.

8. Do your research before you leave on your fishing trip. Don’t be afraid to hire a guide the first day so you can get dialed-in and understand how to fish the water correctly.

9. Pack your fly tying materials and vise with you. You never know when you’ll run out of the hot fly pattern or need to tie up a pattern you don’t have in your fly box.

10. Have a fishing buddy come along with you when possible, and take different fishing approaches on the water. This will help you decipher the fishing code much quicker.

Keep it Reel,

Kent Klewein
Gink & Gasoline
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7 thoughts on “10 Tips to Keep You Catching Fish During Your Fly Fishing Travels

  1. 11. When all else fails, use worms and green sparkly powerbait. When you see the fish cop truck coming down the road, drop down and hide in the grass. Just sayin….

  2. Expect to pay some dues when approaching a new river.It’s all part of the game.Every river is different. The greatest rewards come from overcoming the toughest challenges.Fly fishing isn”t supposed to be easy!

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  4. #10 might be the most important – two people can break down new water with different presentations, etc. in half the time as 1.

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