Sunday Classic / Camera Care in Saltwater

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Camera Cleaning Kit (liquor not included)

Camera Cleaning Kit (liquor not included)

My cameras take a beating.

On a trip to the Deschutes I dunked my Nikon D300s so badly that when I took the lens off, water poured out of the body. I was sure it was done but I pulled the battery out and set it in the sun and after a few hours it came back to life. The lens needed repair but the body seems fine.

I’m not recommending that you take your camera for a swim but good quality DSLRs like Nikons and Canons will take a lot of punishment. The one thing they can not take is salt water. I got away with a little dunk in the Deschutes but the salt spray and even the air in the Keys or the Bahamas can be deadly.

When I’m working around salt water I take great pains cleaning my gear. It only takes a few minutes but this ritual can save you a bundle. Your camera is an investment that’s worth protecting. Besides, it’s likely to die just when you’re trying to get a photo of your first thirty inch trout or hundred pound tarpon.

Check out this video. It’ll show you how I handle my camera cleaning and maintenance when I’m shooting in the salt.

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Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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2 thoughts on “Sunday Classic / Camera Care in Saltwater

  1. One thing I learned the hard way: when on extended trips away from home ( I was at Christmas Island) take enough SD cards (or whatever medium you save to) so you can replace with a fresh one at the end of the day. I lost a pile of irreplaceable photos when my camera (Nikon D90) malfunctioned when I was on the way home. For some rea.son, perhaps salt moisture, all of the files were corrupted and could not be recovered. I was travelling light at the time so didn’t have a computer backup. Lost photos of a Teannaki family gathering including people, kids, families, etc. Irreplaceable and very disappointing. Yes, the fish, flats etc., were on another card, but the loss of this particular one still bugs me today.

  2. great video, Louis. it’s nice to see instructional videos like this done by a true professional. no wonder your pictures look great!!

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