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Photo by Tim Romano

Photo by Tim Romano

There are a whole lot of guys out there shooting fly fishing images.

Many of them are doing a really good job of it. However, and I don’t mean this to sound cocky, there are not a lot of them who’s work I covet. I seldom look at another photographer’s work and think, “I wish I shot like that.”

The one guy that consistently happens with is Tim Romano. It’s not because of Tim’s technique or because of the amazing places he visits. Both are pretty damned impressive but that’s not what I love about his work. It’s his eye.

That is to say that Tim just sees things I feel like I miss. Subtle things. Beautiful things. Things that when tied together tell a story that is greater than the sum of its parts. When Tim Romano writes a pot on Fly Talk titled “The 8 Best Fishing Photos I’ve Ever Taken,” you bet it gets my attention.

Tim writes;

As Kirk Deeter once said to me 11 years ago: “Understanding that it isn’t about the fish – it’s about the miles you travel and people you meet in order to find them.”

Some of you might object to this selection of my 8 favorite fishing photos as there’s more birds in the photos than fish, but that’s the beauty of such a subjective art. These are what I feel are my most finely crafted, fondest memories on the road and what I consider to be some of my best images that tell the story of some fishing adventure.

If you’re interested in that adventure, travel on over to Fly Talk and check out Tim Romano’s

The 8 Best Fishing Photos I’ve Ever Taken


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4 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Romano X 8

  1. I am always amazed how God gives people different gifts. The ability to capture beauty and a story is only given to a few. I was wondering has Mr. Romano or yourself ever taken pictures for National Geographic?

  2. Louis: As long as we are paying homage to Tim Romano, please allow me to share… It would take me a few minutes to locate again, but somewhere on Fly Talk, Tim has posted a series of his photographs documenting an excursion he took along the entire length of the Rio Grande — from its headwaters in southern Colorado, to the point it empties into the Gulf of Mexico. As a resident of New Mexico, the photographs hold a lot of local interest for me. Moreover, I feel they represent what you are communicating regarding his ‘eye’ in this post. I would encourage anyone who is interested to make the effort (easy) to find them.

  3. Agreed, I’m a big fan of his work as well.

    The other thing I’ve noticed is that he often leaves large areas of space for designers to include copy or graphics. That makes those images very usable in a commercial sense. And oddly I think that gives them a compositional quality that many photographers miss out on.

    Also, like you Louis, he has a pretty warped perspective on the world and captures things from angles other than a human would normally experience, like the half under water casting shot in the Orvis catalog that they’ve been running for a while. I mean that in the most complimentary was possible top, when I say warped I mean cool warped.

    He’s also been carrying his gear in a SmithFly Switch Bags for the last couple years and STILL hasn’t destroyed it. Last time I saw him with it, it was smudged with Louisiana duck blood.

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