Saturday Shoutout / Landeen’s Ladder

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Photo by Alex Landeen

Photo by Alex Landeen

Alex Landeen is out standing on his ladder.

You may remember Alex Landeen as the man behind “Fat Guy Fly Fishing”. You’ve seen his photos and perhaps read his writing in “Pulp Fly”. Alex is a man of many talents. A great angler, amazing photographer and writer, one wonders is there is anything he doesn’t do well.

Alex has a new site. It’s a must see. You couldn’t find a better place to start than his recent trip to Pyramid Lake. The photos are awesome!

Check out, “Walk Softly and Carry a Big Ladder”

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Landeen’s Ladder

  1. Great call. I’ve long been a fan of the (now positively svelte) Fat Guy. Alex sees the world in a different way, from a different, slightly off-kilter angle, and that is magnificently reflected in his photography and his writing. What he pushes out challenges me; makes me ask questions. How did he visualize that? Where did that notion come from? Will we have cake?

    Looking forward to what rolls out in the new digs.

  2. Six years ago I was Kyles (quazi) boss at Camp Shady brook. He and I shared the love of fishing, and I had pictures of him getting personal with a heard of sheep so he tied me up a bunch of beauties.
    As life goes, a week later I retired from the “Y” and from life, and moved to the west coast of Florida to face the great Tarpon. I have always done my own tying, and continue to do so as I’m surrounded by water, and more fish than I could have ever imagined. I face my gator and shark fear weekly, and have come way too close to loosing to both. If Kyle reads this, have him send me a shout out as a brother in the fat mans world of fishing

    Jeff Read

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