Respect Your Finned Friends with Proper C&R Practices

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Practice Proper Catch and Release - Photo By: Louis Cahill

Do your part by respecting your finned friends by practicing proper catch and release procedures. We’re in the second half of July already and whether you’re on the east coast or west coast, water temperatures are bound to be reaching harmful levels during the hottest times of the day on most watersheds. It’s really important after you land that trophy of a lifetime, that you take the time to ensure your catch is fully revived before releasing it. After all, oxygen levels are very low this time of year.

Quite often I see anglers during the summer months release a trout right away after a long battle. Many anglers don’t realize that long fights build up toxic lactic acid in the fish, and can take it’s life if handled the wrong way.  A rule I live by guiding, is to revive the fish half as long as the fight time. Just because the fish kicks in your hands right off the bat doesn’t mean it’s really ready to be released. Hold on securely to the fish and point its nose directly upstream in moving water. This way it can have well oxygenated water pass over its gills. Make sure the fish can keep upright on its own and has good color before you fully release the fish. Doing so, you’ll be ensuring that trophy male or female will survive and pass on it’s great genetics during the next spawn.

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