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This Guy Is My Friend Photo by Louis Cahill

I wonder what the Great Lakes Steelhead would think if he knew what a controversial fish he is.

No, he’s not a native fish. Yes, it’s a completely man made fishery. No, it’s not a wild and scenic experience. Is he a real steelhead? Who cares. I love fishing the tributaries of the great lakes for the biggest toughest trout this side of the Mississippi and so does everyone else who’s tried it. I have to wander though, as I stand in the river with my fly rod watching the horde of bait fisherman stack their catch on the bank, if these fish got the respect enjoyed by their west coast cousins, couldn’t this be a whole lot better? I’m not dogging the fishery, it’s awesome, but it just seems like common sense. It’s true that great lakes steelhead do not successfully reproduce but left in the river they will continue to come back year after year, providing a better angling experience and saving state hatcheries money. I’m with this angler who’s license plate I found in New York in a parking lot on the Oak Orchard. PUTMBAK!

Louis Cahill
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7 thoughts on “PUTMBAK!

  1. Well said. I think the river’s managers and the growing ranks of two-handed fly fishers are slowly introducing a good code of ethics.

  2. Its pretty appalling, and deserves some attention. But the fishing is SICK! I can only guess 2 things. That the state has serious budget issues to regulate it as it should, or they let it slip to shoulder to shoulder, snagging illegally crap to get the most fisherman in the area as possible during the salmon/steelhead season. Its a shame to see such a sweet fishery get disrespected, overrun and under-regulated…….But I cant wait for my April trip………

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