Attractor Midge Larva for Cold Water and Picky Trout

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Attractor midge larva for cold water and picky trout. Photo By: Louis Cahill

When water temperatures begin to drop in the fall and the majority of our big hatches start to taper off, midge patterns become a big player for me.

November through January, when I’m sight fishing and I can’t get trout to eat, I’ll often opt for tying on an attractor midge larva. Quite often, the fish eat them like candy and my clients think I’m a hero. I can hear the words now, “I had no idea you could catch big trout on flies that small”. Make sure you downsize your tippet to 6X or smaller for a more natural drift, and play your big fish easy, otherwise you’ll risk pulling those tiny hooks out of the mouths of big trout. Experiment with bright color combinations with and without beads. One of my favorite attractor midge larva is simply a fluorescent orange thread body, wrapped with fine gold wire, finished off with a black thread head. You can coat them with Sally Hansen’s Clear Nail polish for more shine, but it’s not required to catch fish. These fly patterns are super quick to tie and do not require a lot of fly tying skill. Heck you can tie a couple dozen of these bad boys up drinking a couple beers and watching a football game. That’s my kind of fly tying, Cheers.

Give this pattern a try and let us know what’s some of your favorite midge larva patterns. We’d love to hear from our followers.

Kent Klewein
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4 thoughts on “Attractor Midge Larva for Cold Water and Picky Trout

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