Keep ‘Em Wet Photo Challenge

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Photo by Louis Cahill

Photo by Louis Cahill

By Justin Pickett

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a giveaway, and with the holiday season upon us, we’re feeling like we need to give something to one of our awesome followers!

“Keep ‘Em Wet!” has become a popular phrase amongst the social media pages, groups, and movements. Not only just a phrase, it has become a practice that many of us have chosen to uphold with hopes that leading by example will convince others to keep fish in the water, whether they’re snapping photos or not. Fish need water to survive, and we can all do a better job of doing our part to protect the fish that we pursue, whether it be trout, steelhead, bonefish, muskie, tarpon or bass.

We want to see your best, most creative “Keep ‘Em Wet” photos! Get out on the water and submit two of your favorite photos for the challenge before midnight on December 18th. Louis and I will be judging on the content and creativity of the photos, and we’ll announce a winner on December 22nd! One winner takes all!

So what’s up for grabs?! 

IMG_3849Art has quickly become a popular mainstay within the fly fishing world. With fly shops, anglers, and even restaurants and businesses adding their favorite pieces to their walls in order to show off their passion for fly fishing, as well as the vibrant colors of the fish we chase. So how about a one-of-a-kind painting of the winning photo on 18×20 canvas for the winner?

Megan Pickett (yes, my sister as you might have guessed) is a very talented artist, local to the metro-Atlanta area. With most of her work being commissioned, she teaches art at a large private school in Atlanta, GA. The winner of the photo challenge will be contacted by Megan in order to discuss the details of the painting, as well as any preferences the winner may have. Megan has done some incredible works throughout her career, including an amazing photo recreation that hangs above my tying desk. No doubt, this will be a wonderful addition to the winner’s wall!

Go get out on the water and put some fish in the net this week and good luck to those of you who submit your photos!

For more information about the Keep ‘Em Wet movement, please visit



• The contest is open to everyone except Louis, Murphy, and myself.

• Limit two submissions per person; that’s two photos, so a split photo with two images counts as two.

• The fish in the photo MUST BE IN THE WATER! (Not on the bank). No dripping wet, grip and grin shots. Sorry, not sorry.

• All submissions must be made by email to

• Photos should be jpeg format and 1000 pixels at their longest dimension.

• Please use the subject line, “Keep ‘Em Wet” for your email

• File names should be your full name plus a # 01-02. So my file name, for example, would be justinpickett_01.jpg, justinpickett_02.jpg.

• All submissions must be in by midnight EST on December 18, 2016.

• Winners will be announced by December 22, 2016

• The owner of the winning photograph will be contacted by the artist to discuss details of the painting.

• Photographers retain all rights to their work! We only ask that we can use the photos on G&G, within the context of the contest and with proper credit to the photographer.

Justin Pickett
Gink & Gasoline
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5 thoughts on “Keep ‘Em Wet Photo Challenge

  1. Your best promotion/contest yet. Remember that fish cannot hold their breath while we snap those hero shots. Real heroes do not endanger a living resource. Great job guys.

    • I just wish the contest coincided more closely with trout season here in the NE. Please consider a Spring contest as well. Thanks.

    • Troy,
      We are referring to the size of the photo. Keeping the file size down minimizes the problems sometimes faced when emailing photos. You can use any number of photo editors to set the size, including Windows Paint. Using Paint, by selecting “Resize” and then clicking on the “pixels” button, you’ll be able to set the size in pixels.

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