GoPro Hero 4 Session, The Next Generation

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GoPro gets smaller and better.

GoPro cameras are quickly becoming standard equipment for a lot of anglers. Their compact size, simplicity and rugged, waterproof design make them perfect fishing cameras. It’s no wander they are showing up on rivers, lakes and flats everywhere.

The new GoPro Session, the latest evolution in the Hero-cam lineup, offers the same great image quality and features as earlier models in a remarkably small package. Roughly the size of an ice cube, the Session is even easier to carry and mount than earlier GoPro cameras and has some new functionality that I really like.

Simple one-button operation makes the Session easier than ever. Built in wifi and smart phone control makes it remarkably powerful and the waterproof body no longer requires a housing. That makes the camera easier to mount and conceal and solves some problems, like fogging and poor audio, that comes with camera housings.

I have a couple of GoPro cameras including the Session. The Session is now my go-to GoPro. It’s simply a pleasure to use. Get yours HERE!

Check out this Video, shot with the Session, and learn about what’s new from GoPro.

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12 thoughts on “GoPro Hero 4 Session, The Next Generation

    • 1.25-2 hours depending on what functions you have on. As with all GoPros you can turn off the LEDs. Meaning you can turn off all the blinking lights and get a 10% increase in battery life. Our friends over at Deadliest Catch are mounting 6800 mghz waterproof battery packs to their GoPros with 512 GB memory. So they are able to use 1 camera continuously for about 6-8 hours.

  1. Personally I think Go Pro footages suck. Who wants to watch and get an instant head ache?…Horizon that looks like a banana and shaky head ache movement. For fly fishing use it’s the worst way to shoot video.

    Put an DSLR, camcorder with good video capabilities (like the Sony has amazing video capabilities) or even an iPhone on a tripod and you get much better watchable footages.

    • Jay, I 100% agree with nauseating HEAD MOUNT gopro footage. There comes a time and place in the fly fishing film world where you can use just a brief few seconds of that type of footage. The hands free capability and quality of edited video that GoPro can produce is unmatched. Stable mounts are the only way to go. The “Fish-eye” can be removed easily with todays editing programs.

      We are all entitled to out opinions and I respect yours but for the DIY fisherman only looking to capture/share the moment it’s a perfect tool. For the “Pros” they are great filler footage capturing machines.

    • You’re right jay. A DSLR or iPhone on a tripod should be a good setup on my boat…what a great idea.

      You kidding me? If you use the camera right, there are tremendous advantages and results. If you suck at editing footage or getting footage, then it doesn’t matter which camera you use.

      An iPhone or DSLR on a tripod is an awful idea. How will it stay up on a moving boat? Think logistically. GoPros are fisheye action cameras. You don’t seem to understand the proper applications. Based on content and overall execution, there are lots of interesting gopro films. I’d much prefer film over written blogs. You can absorb way more. It’s about how you do it. Blogging, filming, whatever. Either one can be lame or cool.

      • Well excuse me Mr. Spielberg.
        Basically 99.9% of the Go Pro footages on Youtube are junk. All shaking, non informative (5+ minutes of fish fighting shots with the mid section of the rod moving back and forth?…) and plain boring footages.

        But if that’s what you want to show your in laws, please continue Mr. Spielberg…

        • Why do you have to be such a dick? You don’t, but you choose to anyway.

          Your opinion is probably in the minority and what you say about all shaking and non informative is not true. I mount my GoPro on a stationary suction cup which keeps the camera from moving and there is lots of great information. Maybe you are unable to absorb it, but it is still there. There is a reason a picture is worth a thousand words.

          A factor you don’t understand is that, it’s not that GoPro cameras suck, it’s that GoPro made it easier to share your footage than any other format. Now there is just a lot more home video footage in general and a lot of that sucks regardless of the camera you use.

          You don’t have to be a dick and you never offered a solution for mounting a DSLR or iPhone on a boat.

        • This is a ridiculous discussion. A camera is a tool. You can shoot bad footage with any camera but you can’t shoot great footage with every camera. GoPro cameras do a great job. They have changed the way we see the world. If you don’t like someone’s video, don’t watch it.

  2. Isn’t fishing alone sacred enough……….I enjoy fishing because it’s away from all the Facebook technology. Jeez, this is worse that the 80’s when everyone filmed child birth. I prefer my memory, when tha goes…….I hope I die.

  3. That is pretty sweet. The story of my life though. I bought the HERO4 about 6 months ago. Now it’s time to start sweet talking the boss of the house again.

    Thanks for the review.

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