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Photo by Bruce Chard

Photo by Bruce Chard

The way you hold your fly rod affects your casting, right? The way you hold your camera matters, too.

Most people never stop to think about it, but I remember being taught in school the proper grip for a camera. First off, all SLRs are right handed. If you’re left- handed, you will just have to get used to it. To properly support the camera, your left hand should be positioned palm-up and level and the camera — whether oriented horizontally or vertically — rests in your palm. Your left thumb and index finger curl up to the lens to operate zoom and focus features. Most cameras have an ergonomic grip on the right side that leaves your index finger ready for the shutter release, and thumb free for the adjustment wheel. Let the left hand support the weight of the camera. With large telephoto lenses it may be necessary to move your left hand forward under the lens for balance. With a good grip you will have a steadier camera and sharper photos. You will also be prepared to act fast when opportunity presents itself.

Louis Cahill
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7 thoughts on “Camera grip

  1. Oh reminds me of my photography days. Weddings for the most part, I got burnt out after 70 or so weddings by my 19’th birthday… these days its mostly a little point and shoot in my pocket.

  2. Great info. I have been an outdoor photographer for years and still learn little things all the time. In this instance I learned where to place my thumb and finger to operate the zoom and focus switch. It will take some practice after all these years but if I can change it might keep me from having to move the camera off the subject just so I can locate those switches, now I can shift on the fly. Thanks.

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