Saturday Shoutout / 3 Big Names

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It’s kind of been a big week for fly fishing sites. There’s too much great stuff hot off the virtual press to cover in one post but here are three that will keep you plenty busy.

Southern Culture on the Fly, SCOF to it’s friends, has it’s second issue out. Southern Fly Fishers are a unique bunch so it’s fitting that SCOF would be one of the freshest voices in The Fly Fishing Media. Hats off to our southern brothers in arms. SCOF is a great read. Kent and I are proud to be featured.

Bloodknot Magazine is in good standing and likely needs no introduction. The new issue is of particular interest as it focuses on fly fishing blogs. There is some great content by some truly creative fisher folk. Again, I’m proud to be included.

Anglers Tonic has long been one of my favorite sites. Greg Thomas, also at the wheel of Fly Rod and Reel as editor, offers up a tonic of fishing lifestyle on and off the water. Greg is a great writer and photographer and always has his finger on the pulse of the industry. Anglers Tonic has just been redesigned with the goal of making it livelier and more spontaneous. I liked it before, I love it now!

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