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Think you can out cast an 11 year old girl?

You might be surprised to find out that only 3 American fly casters can confidently answer “yes” to that question.

A few weeks ago at the107th ACA National Tournament 11 year old Maxine McCormick eclipsed every other performance. In combined fly casting for accuracy Maxine scored 289 points out of a possible 300. She was out performed only by Steve Rajeff, her instructor Chris Korich and dad Glenn McCormick.

I think it’s fair to call that phenomenal. I saw Maxine interviewed by the local news. I was floored when I saw Maxine cast and heard her speak about casting. Unfortunately, the TV News anchor had no idea what she was talking about and cut her off most of the time.

I decided that wasn’t right. I got in touch with her dad and and asked permission to interview Maxine by phone. You will not believe your ears when you hear this amazing young lady talk about fly casting. I even got a little advice on my cast.

Listen to this interview with Maxine McCormick.

Watch Maxine’s TV interview. See the results from the 107th ACA National Tournament HERE.

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7 thoughts on “Maxine McCormick Interview

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  2. Maxine is certainly the casting machine. It does not hurt to have the number 2 caster in the world behind Rajeff as a mentor/instructor. Chris Korich as well as her father, Glenn, have invested a substantial amount of dedication and time in Maxine’s casting at the Oakland Casting Ponds. Have to admit, it is nice to see credit where credit is due. As a casual observer, it has been enjoyable to watch her progress and exponential growth as a honed caster at the ponds over a very short time. Nice to see the recognition and acceptance.

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