Whisky, Tango, Foxtrot Caption Contest

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Whisky, Tango Foxtrot?  Photo by Louis Cahill

Whisky, Tango Foxtrot? Photo by Louis Cahill

It’s time for another round of fun at our fishing buddies expense.

Test your wit against the rest of the G&G community. It’s fun! It’s challenging! It’s ridiculous! Best of all, you might win something really, really cool!

The person who comes up with the best caption, left in the form of a comment, for this bit of saltwater shenanigans wins this Flood Tide ball cap with an original Paul Puckett hand drawn redfish tail under the brim. You will be the envy of all your friends in the wearable piece of art.


Check out Flood Tide and Paul Puckett Art!

Let the fun begin. Leave your caption in the comments field below. No emails please. The winner will be announced March 13th.

Good Luck!


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Louis Cahill
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148 thoughts on “Whisky, Tango, Foxtrot Caption Contest

  1. We hadn’t seen any fish all day but I had told Rick about my new Thai massage certification and he was curious about the “hump-a-prop leg pull”…it was very effective.

  2. Suzuki’s new marketing campaign for “sexy” outboards had started to pay dividends, but not in the expected manner …

  3. So you really think this is the best way to keep the motor from falling off while we head back to the marina, ’cause my arms and legs are already starting to burn?

  4. His fly was a little too bushy to match the forage, and, without scissors on hand, what happened next was a product of improvisation and passion.

  5. Hey Bill, I know you told me this was massaging you pulled groin, but the sounds you’re making are telling me you haven’t “ahem* adjusted to single life since the divorce

  6. Being too cheap to invest in a push pole, “stealth mode” for these guys meant shutting off the motor and turning the prop by hand.

  7. Boat Karma Sutra for Slow Fishing, Position #1: Suzuki 69.
    Tip: Use thin shorts and a high idle and don’t let anyone see you.

  8. I don’t always go down on a Suzuki, but when I do, I prefer prison rules. Scissors for persuasion and someone vigilantly “watching my back.”

  9. I think that this is a dumb idea, but I’m not going to waste my time arguing with a man who’s lining up to be a hot lunch.

    *with a nod to Jaws

  10. Correct, push the knibbling pin through the wobble shaft…that’s the only way we can get her to run quite again. Oh, while you’re down there you might as well give a few snipe fish grunts and bring a few of those babies up from the deep!!!

  11. Maybe I could have typed that up better I was in a rush…

    Official entry,

    What the hell are you DOING, get off the engine, I wasn’t talking about that kind of trim…

  12. And that was how Louis and Kent established their bond.
    Although they vowed to keep that special interlude private, Louis had left his camera on self timer mode….

  13. …after the long ride out to get to the honey hole all Rod could say was “reach in that cooler and get me another beer”

  14. “Sight cast, I’ll show you sight cast.”


    Not sure he had gotten the full story about last night, he resorted to that water boarding as best he understood it.

  15. D’Angler: “Are you sure this Noodlin’ for Tarpon works?”
    Guide: “Yessir, ya jus keep ’em feengirs in dat der water fir a bit and wriggle ’em aroun’ some. You git you a beeg sumbeach Tarpon.”

  16. Dear Penthouse, I’m a student at a small Midwestern University and I never thought that these stories were true or that they could ever happen to me, Until one day I was out on a fishing trip with my best friend. We had been best friends for a long time and I always thought He was cute but I could never bring myself to act on my base impulses. But the fishing was good and one thing led to another. And before I knew it, he had me over the engine, buns up and wheeling. My throbbing member was glistening in the moonlight as he continued pulling and pulling and pulling and………….
    Name withheld upon request.

  17. Ancient rituals of headbutting the prop at the beginning of every tarpon fiasco, thus donating upper forehead skin tissue to the tarpon gods in a odd, cult like ritual.

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