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Vote Now!

Vote Now!

Which shop will be the 2014 Fly Shop of the Year

2014 is winding down. It’s been a great year of fly fishing for us and we hope it has been for you! Now it’s time to show our support for the guys who have been behind us on every cast, every drift and every fish in the net. The good folks at our local fly shop! This year Gink and Gasoline is putting our money where our mouth is. We are giving some serious love to the best fly shop in the country, in the form of a year’s free advertising!

But who will decide which shop is best?

The 2014 Fly Shop of the Year will be decided by the most knowledgeable, most dedicated, most engaged anglers on the planet. You! Our readers.

FlyShop500headerThe Fly Shop 500 – Take your shop across the finish line.

This competition is comprised of twenty-seven of the most elite fly shops in the nation, all fighting for The Fly Shop 500 competition crown January 1st.

How to Play:
Click here to vote for your hometown or home-state fly shop
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The Winner will Receive:
An entire year of free advertising on Gink and Gasoline
Fly Shop 500 gear
Bragging rights for an entire year

Don’t wait! Give back to your fly shop! They are counting on their pit crew…

Carter Lyles
Gink & Gasoline
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39 thoughts on “The Gink and Gasoline Fly Shop 500

  1. There are some great fly shops on here. I’ve actually been in several of them over the years, but I’ve got to go with a hometown favorite on this one. Cohutta Fishing Co. is the bomb when it comes to tying materials and an awesome selection of gear. They also provide the best customer service I’ve ever experienced in a fly shop. They get my vote!

    • Agree. Montana Troutfitters -Bozeman – are the bomb. Very helpful on local patterns and great deals on gear. Helpful courteous staff. When they didn’t have what I needed – they referred me elsewhere.

  2. Your listing of Fly Shops is severely limited…no Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone, DeeteTrout Flies in Roscoe, NY or Bob Marriott’s in Los Angeles ???

    Might want to consider getting on this a bit earlier next year, to make it truly representative…. and don’t put it off on yer’ readers !


  3. Blue Ribbon in West Yellowstone gets my write in , the only Flyshop to put flies back , that I didn’t need . founder of the 1% program and they open they’re books . They promote flyfishing and good guys and girls all around.
    I’ve been to ones just as good and as knowledgeable but turn over in employees hurt them , at one point I would walk into a certain NJ Flyshop and walk away learning something new every time . I’ve been out to Yellowstone here and there for over 20 yrs , and Blue Ribbon is always the same , Awesome , Knowledgeable. And Friendly .

    • Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone gets my vote too. Very personable staff and kudos for all the reasons mentioned above. Honorable Mention goes to Shannon’s in Califon, New Jersey.

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  5. No Jimmies All Season Angler? for shame!!!!! No shop even comes close to carrying the tying inventory that Jimmy does
    Nuf sed! Cant validate this contest unless it’s on the list.

      • I love Flyshops , and they’re dying off quickly due to many factors . I don’t think anybody wants to celebrate just 1 , but let’s appreciate all the good ones we have left .

        • They are dying off because they dont participate in actively getting people fishing and spreading flyfishing love to new customers. When they can’t even enter free contests like that it shows poor understanding of getting peoples interest = hence why lots of shops arent on here. Shame on them.

  6. Hometown Favorites: The Feathered Hook, Coburn, PA. Fly shop and B&B on Penns Creek. They know Penns and Jonas, the owner has a cool and somewhat crazy web page. TCO State College. Awesome shop for gear and tying materials with friendly and helpful,staff. Plus they have nymphing guru George Daniel.

    +1 for Blue Ribbon in West Yellowstone.

    My nominee for shop I’d most like to visit is Headhunters in Craig, MT

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  8. There is a new Fly Shop in Cascade Montana, Trout Montana, great place to do business..Friendly, great atmosphere, and full of the best Fly’s, materials, Rods, waders etc…And, did I mention guides? Best guide crew on the Missouri River! Get you some of that!
    Mark Daly

  9. Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company; the best little fly shop in Texas, and at the very least, the rest of the southern states.
    Travis and the rest of the crew will go the distance in providing you with the product and services you need.

  10. not one shop in the whole state of Washington?!?? we have many good and a few great ones. reds, creekside,and more. come on g&g! (i’ll still read you but you’ve got to come up to the great n.w.)

  11. One Fly Outfitters, Black Mountain, NC.
    NC, best Fly Shop. Kenny, Susan and Jerry experts in their field. They are more then willing to share their knowledge on fishing reports and what is working best. I really enjoy hanging out with them. If you need a guide then Kenny or Jerry are your guys. The best in WNC. Don’t forget to tune into Jerry McNeeely’s radio show on Saturday morning; Tie One On Fly Fishing.
    Thanks guys for all you do.

  12. Great selection of shops. I have frequented many of these stores – in person, on-line and at various fly fishing shows.

    Good job.

    Sorry you guys are getting so many complaints.

    Keep up the good work.

  13. I have been in a multitude of fly shops throughout the country, but the one that stands out is The Cohutta Fishing Company when it come to service, selection, and guides.

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