Sunday Classic / Redneck Driftboating

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Redneck Fly Fishing at its best. Photo By: Louis Cahill

Yes, someone actually took the time to build this pathetic hybrid driftboat/soap box car.

Louis and I found it snagged on a shallow riffle and abandoned on my home tailwater the other day. It was comprised of two ten gallon sealed water canisters at the bow and stern. The hull was built with a two-by-four frame and plywood deck, and bicycle tires were fastened at the corners. I’m guessing the redneck engineering idea was that the design would be much easier to roll over shallow shoals while drifting the extreme low water flows. Here’s the scary part, whoever captained this boat/car, actually made it two miles down stream before it fell apart. I only wish I would have been there to witness it’s maiden voyage, and then force them to burn it into a pile of ashes along the riverbank.

I really can’t blame whoever built this thing though. My driftboat doesn’t do much better with the pathetic 120-150cfs of water the TVA blesses me with annually.  Right now, 50% of the United States is in severe drought and many trout seasons on watersheds across the country will be cut short significantly this year. I feel sorry for all the fly fishing guides and fly shops that will suffer this year because of the drought. For all you out there that fall into this category, here’s something positive to be grateful for. Just be happy you’re not me. Drought conditions or not, I rarely have satisfactory water levels on my home tailwater. There’s very few days that offer easy floating with three people in a boat. For you westerners, at least you have a fighting chance things will turn around for the better next year, and if you’re lucky, you’ll find some stillwater to wet a line until conditions turn around.

Keep it Reel,

Kent Klewein
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7 thoughts on “Sunday Classic / Redneck Driftboating

  1. I admire the builder.
    He didnt spend money on some plastic thing. He built what He wanted, and took his chances.
    Good for him

  2. Wow that is crazy, but I get it…

    I Purchased a sit on top ocean kayak…. The fish tank has been replaced with the occasional ice and beer… it. Can even stand on top and Spey or sit and paddle with ur feet and double haul while cruzing a lake or slow river. Holds enough weigh u could camp for a week

  3. Well holy hell, y’all found my shinemobile! Those 10 gallon thingamajiggers aren’t for buoyancy, they’re for my booze. Crashed er in the river one day after one heck of a night, thought I’d never see those mighty fine jugs again.

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