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One of my best fishing buddies writing about one of my favorite guides. How can I pass that up?

I was in the Bahamas recently for the G&G Bonefish School. My good buddy Rich Hohne was along representing for the folks at Simms who generously donated some sweet gear for all of our anglers. Rich got the chance to spend a day on the boat with resident badass, Jose Sands. That’s always an experience.

Anyone who guides saltwater, and does it well, has my respect. If they are willing to go out of their way to teach their clients, that respect is doubled. I have learned much of what I know about Bonefishing from Jose and the many hours spent on his boat have developed a deep respect that flows both ways.

On his blog, “A Wasted Youth” Rich looks at his day on the water with Jose through new eyes and he takes away some lessons that each of us can stand to learn. Rich Hone is one of the smartest guys I know and a fine writer to boot. Take a ride on a flats boat with him and Jose.

 Fishing With an Outlaw

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