Saturday Shoutout / The Very Cruelest Thing X 2

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This week, an amazing story and the even more amazing story behind the story.

An artful imagining of sweet revenge and the horrifying story that led to its creation, set against the backdrop of a rising Alaska river. Life or death, which is the very cruelest thing?

Thanks to S Banfield of “Go Into The Light” for some great writing and photography.

First read “The Very Cruelest Thing”

Then read. “The Story Behind The Story”


Louis Cahill

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13 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / The Very Cruelest Thing X 2

  1. That’s a really cool story. The chances of running into the person responsible for leaving you stranded, and in quite the pickle, years down the road is insane. I can’t say exactly what I would have done, but I bet my anger would’ve taken over. I definitely would’ve gotten that rod back, right after I threw his booz in the river. Screw that guy. Awesome read though!

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