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Not just a fly fishing legend, Jim Teeny is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

This video with Jim by David Green and H&H Outfitters caught my eye. I thought it was worth sharing for a couple of reasons. I don’t know Jim well, but I’ve had the pleasure of talking with him on a handful of occasions. I can tell you this. Every time I’ve seen him Jim Teeny acted like he had nothing else to do with his day but talk fly fishing with me. His generous nature is immediately apparent.

Sitting on a shelf next to my DVR, my blue ray player, smart TV and stacks of shiny DVDs and blue ray discs is a VHS tape of Jim Teeny catching steelhead. I don’t even own a VCR but I keep that tape within reach. That might tell you something about my respect for the man.

It’s no overstatement to say that Jim Teeny changed fly fishing. His creativity and ingenuity has spread across the industry like the rings of a rising trout. Maybe you’re familiar with Jimmy or maybe you’re not but he has likely shaped the way you fish.

Anyone as original as Jim attracts controversy. Especially in fly fishing. His sweet disposition makes him an easy target. I laughed out loud the first time I watched that video tape and saw him throwing rocks into the river to move steelhead out of a spot where he couldn’t reach them with a fly, but I’ll be damned if he didn’t catch that fish, and I realized this man knew things about fish I’d never imagined. Jim doesn’t think outside the box. He isn’t aware there is a box.

Check out this awesome video and learn some things you didn’t know about Jim Teeny.


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6 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / The Legend of Jimmy

  1. That’s an awesome video of the man and his wife. He seems like a very sincere and sensitive man, and they are family oriented. You gotta love all of that. I never knew anything about him except the name. I will certainly give his products a look. I don’t own anything of his stuff for no particular reason. I have the same philosophy of nature, I’ve taken all of my nieces and nephews into the outdoors, and they all have a better appreciation for it. It would be nice if he could make some shows on the East coast. Thanks for posting.

  2. That was a very good video. Like many of us, Jim fumbled around looking for what to do and found out what it was – fortunately for us and for the wild things.

  3. As a new flyfisher woman (Casting for Recovery participant 2012, breast cancer survivor), I was researching in June 2013 for my very first fly rod. I found the TFO Casting for Recovery Rod that Jim’s wife, Donna, helped to design. So I called their shop, and spoke at length with Jim Teeny about the rod and fly lines. At the time, it was all “Greek” to me, but he helped me to learn a lot. And of course, I did buy the rod (my first of now 5 rods). Then I was lucky to meet Jim and Donna at the Cabela’s opening in August 2015. They took time to visit with me, even take some photos. They tied me some flies. The next weekend, I caught my very first trout on my TFO Casting for Recovery rod! Since then, I have become an avid angler, and have caught several hundred fish since. I fished 76 days in 2015 (and still had a full time career). I volunteer for several fishing clubs and organizations (including Casting for Recovery), and am now learning to teach women how to fly fish. Thank you Jim and Donna Teeny for helping to get me started in fly fishing.

  4. He did a great interview on April Vokey’s Anchored podcast:

    JULY 22, 2015
    Jim Teeny has been around. From the famous Teeny lines, to the super fishy Teeny nymphs, to books, DVD’s, and more… Jim has branded himself in a way that very few personalities have successfully done before in this industry. In this episode I meet with Jim at his home in Gresham, Oregon, to get the low-down on his industry struggles, his experiences abroad, and his plans to bring his brand back stronger than ever before.

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