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Photo by Matthew Copeland

Photo by Matthew Copeland

It seems that we’ve had a theme going lately.

Whether by accident or design, we have been talking a lot about kids and fishing. It’s likely because Kent is having a new baby, quite possibly as you read this. In honor of that momentous occasion I thought I’d pass the baton to a couple of guys who are experts in the field, or at least quickly becoming experts.

Matthew Copeland and Steve Brutger write a blog called, Stalking the Seam. Matt and Steve are both avid hunters and angler who also happen to be raising small children, working full time jobs and trying to keep their wives happy. Sound familiar???

Stalking the Seam is devoted to doing all of these things well. Balancing there love for the out doors and their love for their family and passing along some wisdom and tradition in the process. Their motto is;

“Hunting, angling, family. We are on a quest to find the sweet spot.”

And find it they are.

Check out, Stalking The Seam

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Stalking The Seam

  1. Wow. As half of the STS team, I can’t tell you how flattering it is to be featured on the Saturday Shootout. From day one Steven and I have held Gink and Gasoline as our standard of excellence, figuring if we could do our thing half as well as you do yours, we’d be in great shape. Your recognition and support is hugely appreciated.
    Thanks so much.

    • Matthew,

      You guys have a great blog built around a great theme and concept. I’m already hooked. You’re welcome on the Shoutout and we look forward to following your journey. I for one have a lot of work to do when it comes to managing my passions, work and family.


  2. Some really good reads on their blog. I like how they’re incorporating their family and kids. It’s a more realistic take on fly fishing for bums like myself who have families to think about while trying to support this habit.. Hobby … Addiction… Lifestyle… Or however you like to refer to fly fishing.

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