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Photo by Steven Brutger

Photo by Steven Brutger

Searching for the sweet spot.

That’s the motto of Stalking The Seam. One of my favorite sites, it’s a raising star in the fly fishing online media. Steven Brutger and Mathew Copeland consistently produce thoughtful, fresh writing and stellar photography.

The focus of Stalking The Seam is fishing, hunting and family. Their mission is finding the perfect balance of the three. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing there for the single guys and gals. Even though I don’t have young kids myself, I always find something that feels like it was written for me.

Check out these two great pieces. You just might find the sweet spot yourself.

Two Handers For Winter Trout by Steven Brutger

Ultra Sensitive by Matthew Copeland

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Stalking The Seam

  1. STS sits atop my list of morning “must reads”. Not since Mysteries Internal has a site found a way to get to the heart of things with such consistently. I enjoy reading about fishing well enough, but tell me the story with warmth or passion or humor or a fresh new insight or (dare I say it) a little love. Matt and Steve manage them all, and do it with great craft.

    A well deserved shout.

  2. Thanks so much fellas. Maybe you’ve heard this before, but when Steven and I were considering launching STS a year ago, we brainstormed what work we admired on the on the web, G & G was at the top of the list. I think I can safely speak for both of us when I say we’re hugely appreciative of and honored by your support.

  3. Well there went 2 hours of my afternoon that should have been spent studying. Fantastic writing and now definitely on my morning list.

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