Saturday Shoutout / Romano on Love and Loss

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Photo by Tim Romano

Photo by Tim Romano

Very few of us ever have to loose a loved one twice.

I’m not too proud to tell you that I balled when I read Tim Romano’s “The Sad Story of a Boat.” Having restored an old wooden boat I know the effort that goes into it and the personal attachment that goes along with it. But this story goes beyond anything I’ve had to live through and I hope that never changes.

This is a story everyone should read. It is impossible to not be touched deeply.

“The Sad Story of a Boat”

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Romano on Love and Loss

  1. Geez! That one hit home pretty hard. I built my wood boat 6 years ago and named her after my late grandma. My boat still lives but if something like that ever happened, I might not. You change on the inside when you build a boat. Every trip and every fish means a million times more that it would otherwise.

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