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Photo by Josh Mills

Photo by Josh Mills

Josh Mills is fishing other people’s flies, and doing pretty well.

Millsfly, the online project of Washington based angler Josh Mills, is a site dedicated to steelhead, conservation and family. Josh does a pretty nice job of balancing these topics and shares a few good ideas and photos along the way.

This piece caught my eye. It’s all about paying it forward and coming together as a community. A message that a great many of us should be taking to heart. So, take this link as a fly shared. Enjoy Millsfly and pass it along to someone. It never hurts to pay it forward.

“The Karma Of Other People’s Flies”


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3 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Other People’s Flies

  1. It used to be a tradition, two fly anglers meeting on the water and trading flies. It’s a way to cement a new friendship, it’s always good to see another tier’s work, and as the article indicates it can lead to good karma. On the same day years ago…..I caught my personal best Bluegill on a nymph tied by a friend of mine. Unbeknownst to me, he caught a 22 inch Largemouth on one of my Deer hair bugs the very same morning.

  2. Last summer I hooked four nice large mouth bass, my first ever on a fly rod, with a olive green zonker I got in a fly swap about ten years ago. It had never been used til then.

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