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I’ve been threatening for a some time to do an off topic shout out.

The truth is that I’m into things other than fishing and I’m betting you are to. With that in mind here are three cool things that folk I know are up too. I hope you think they’re cool too.

Photography: Christy Perry Photographs the Air

Photo by Christy Perry

I met Christy years ago when I was teaching at the Creative Circus. I sat in on Christy’s first quarter panel review. What I saw in that panel review was a spark of unmistakable genius. Her photos have an ethereal quality that lifts the soul.

Christy just returned from an extended trip around the world. She chronicled the experience on her blog. I’d encourage you to scroll back and see the world through her eyes.  click here

Music: Walk That Dog

My good friend Jenn Carr recently took up the electric bass. She decided to share that journey on her blog, Walk That Dog. The title is musical but I’ll let you read her site to discover what it means. That’s totally in the spirit of what Jenn is up to. She’s discovering what music and the making of it mean to all of us. Here are a few of my favorite posts.

The Good Sister

Let Your Fingers Dance on the Strings

Down in the Flood

Nature: Manatee fun!

My wife and I just took a short vacation in Florida. As part of the vacation rules I took neither a fly rod or a camera. Kathy is my little nature girl. She loves the outdoors and every living creature in it. She found an awesome captain in Crystal River who does private manatee tours. It was amazing! These wonderful wild creatures showed no fear. They swam right up in our faces and looked us in the eye. One kissed Kathy on the face. We touched new born baby manatees. If you’re in Florida you have to do this!

Manatee Fun Tours


Come fish with us in the Bahamas!

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Off Topic Journeys

  1. receive your emails and enjoy your posts
    my wife really liked your photo around the world
    liked the manatee idea as well
    carry on and keep it coming

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