Saturday Shoutout / Mitt Monkeys and Tuesday Bananas

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Those Mitt Monkeys are up to something good!

This week’s shout out goes to Michigan Fly and it’s one of the beys things I’ve seen on the web in some time. I’m not sure when the idea of Tuesday Bananas came along but lately it’s really hit it’s stride. This series is timely, satyrical, unapologetic and plane hysterical. Even if you’ve never been to Michigan you’ll love Tuesday Bananas.

Here are three of my favorites, but I’d encourage you to explore the site. There are a great many more serious posts you will enjoy as well. Read up,and if you have the chance, get to the mitt for some of their great fishing!

Lost Michigan Salmon Run Found

Arkansas Residents Grow Weary of Michigan Anglers

Colorado Trout Dazed and Confused

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One thought on “Saturday Shoutout / Mitt Monkeys and Tuesday Bananas

  1. Yes! A fellow Michigander gets a shout out on G&G. One of my favorite Tuesday Bananas is titled “Area man’s pants catch fire at fly fishing expo”

    Just the title draws you in. Thanks Guys!

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