Saturday Shoutout / Jazz and Fly Fishing

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Population of Nordic countries 25,651,443

8 Million go fishing every year

100,000 Fly fish

About 10,00 of them don’t hate jazz. Of that 10,000 only 8 are both professional jazz musicians and fly fishers. This is the story of 4 of them.

That’s the opening of Jazz and Fly Fishing. These four Nordic fly fishing musicians were the subject of a proposed TV show. When the show got canceled, they didn’t. They bought a video camera and made it themselves. They publish the episodes on the web and if it wasn’t awesome, which it is, it would be worth watching just because of the love, blood and sweat these guys put into it.

Tag along these crazy string pluckers as they slay fish, get skunked, die of mosquito bites and set their camping gear on fire. It’s an epic adventure not to be missed.

See the entire season HERE

Louis Cahill
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