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My Brother Tom

My Brother Tom

Well, here’s a first. Me sharing a gear angler’s content and proud to do it.

I was floating my brother, a devout gear angler, down a local river one day last summer. It was his first time fishing from a drift boat and, like most first timers, he was struggling with it a little. An hour or so in, I was offering some advice on how to present his plastic lure, a topic I know less than nothing about. He made one cast the way I suggested, gave the reel a few turns and said, “Now I just feel like I’m fishing a fly.” He did not get the entire sentence out before a nice striped bass inhaled his lure. I’m sure there is a lesson in that for both of us.

Coming from a mixed family this article on Gear Vs. Fly by Gary Strassburg, of The Informed Washington Sportsman, struck close to home. It’s an extremely well stated argument on a topic we have all butchered from time to time. Rather that offer any opinions of my own, I will just say that I enjoy a good latte, a single malt scotch and a Subaru and that you should read this article, no matter which side of the divide you fish from.



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5 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Gear Vs Fly

  1. Glad you got a day out with your brother, who cares about the gear, time flies too fast. Spend time together is my advice. Keep up the good work!

  2. I usually fish both, “gear” and FLY, in the same trip.
    Sometimes I tire of one or the other and want a change.
    There is just sonething magic about a Beetle Spin.
    I find that getting really deep simpler with spin gear, too.
    But take heart – i use a spinning reel on a fky rod. So all is not lost.

    I suppose there is some animosity between the styles. But thats for others to stress over. I do what works for me.

    • I’ve never understood the animosity between the two styles – lik eyou, I do both, all the time…but I don’t use a spinning reel on a fly rod, I use whatever works best.

      To me, the styles compliment each other, not compete with each other.

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