Saturday Shoutout / Dr King Goes Bonefishing

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I’m sure that when the folks at Deneki Outdoors ask for their readers bonefishing stories they never expected this wonderful response.

The author, identified as Brenda, tells a story so touching I choked up when I read it. No surprise, Dr King is a personal hero of mine. I had no idea there was any connection at all between he and the bonefish I love.

Here’s a teaser.

Ansil stood in the bow of his boat resting his chin on his oar. Then, with one arm, he gestured to the sky, the water, and the mangroves. “Dr. King asked me what I told people who came here and still doubted the existence of God. I told him I didn’t have an answer for him then, but I would when he returned to Bimini.”

Read the whole story HERE


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2 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Dr King Goes Bonefishing

  1. That’s a really cool story. I can totally see why Dr king would have a bonefish guide take him out on the water simply for the purpose of relaxing. I remember when I was first poled onto a bonefish flat around Exuma. It was one of the most beautiful, peaceful, quiet places I’ve ever been. I remember the first thing I asked my guide, “Olie, how are we the only people out here?” Ever since then I’ve been working to get my butt back to those amazing bonefish flats. I can’t wait until I do.

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