Saturday Shoutout / A Search For Balance

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Photo Jason Tucker

Balance, Isn’t that what it’s all about?

When I first became aware of the rising tide of grass roots fly fishing writing on the internet, one of the first sites I found, and fell in love with was Fontinalis Rising. I’m happy, and proud, to now call Jason Tucker my friend. One of the things I enjoy most about Jason, as both a writer and a friend, is his authenticity. If you spend any time with him at all you’ll here him casually drop some simple truth and it will stick with you.

This post caught my eye. I think i like it because he has my number. Balance has never been my long suit. I’m way too fired up for that. While Jason doesn’t speak for me in this post, I think it will speak to a great many others, and might be a good lesson for us all. In fishing and in life.



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3 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / A Search For Balance

  1. It’s OK to keep fish depending on the situation. If you hook one badly into the gills then keep it instead of letting it half-swim away only to die 5 min later. Waste. Keep a few brookies from a lake or stream that is obviously over-populated. Keep a few from a healthy stream where fish are abundant and pressure is low.

    But, don’t keep a fish from a fragile stream. Or a piece of water where you are surprised a trout could even live. Or a place where lots of other people, especially kids, like to fish.

    Most of all ask yourself ..”If everyone on this water acted as I do, would there be any fish left to catch?”

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