The Airflo Super Dri Fly Line

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The Airflo Super Dri fly line is one of the coolest and most innovative fly lines I’ve ever seen.

We got the chance to check them out at IFTD this year and Kent and I were both very impressed. I wish I could put one in your hand because the only way you can believe the slickness of this line is to feel it. The expression on Kent’s face in the video says it all.

Not only is the Super Dri the slickest fly line ever made, it also features Airflo’s exclusive ridge texture, a low stretch core and the new Zone Technology. Airflo is really on their game with this one. Watch the video and get the full story from Tim “The Man” Rajeff.

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5 thoughts on “The Airflo Super Dri Fly Line

  1. Hard not to get excited when you see an expression like that!!
    If it will up my nymph game, I am on it!!
    Totally buying a couple of these for client rods!! Thanks for the inside scoop from “The Man”!!
    Tight Lines & Wet Waders,

  2. Hands down the best dry fly line I have ever used! I have them on all my rods now! When a client brings their own rod with them and I have them cast this line they usually don’t want to give it back. It is that noticeably good!

  3. Got to admit those Welsh Wizards know how to make a “slick” flyline!!! This looks really interesting and I like Tim Rajeff’s explanation of how the different sections of the line work. I often think that there is room for improvement in the design of the “shooting” part of flylines.

  4. I have the Exeed Super Dri… for my 6 wt throwing mostly streamers and deep double nymph rigs. I love this line more than any other line I have ever had. Nice job Airflo. I was a fan of their lines already but these new lines are amazing.

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