New Cigars Just For Anglers

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Photo by Louis Cahill

Photo by Louis Cahill

By Daren Hearsch

If you’re like me, you forget things.

Not important things, like birthdays and anniversaries, but things that tend to make fishing trips challenging. Things like rods, reels and leaders. I try to keep a bag packed with all of the essentials so I can just “grab-and-go” when the urge to wet a line strikes.

This is all well and good for gear, but certain aged leafy combustibles can’t sit for months in a bag waiting for a trip. At least that was my thought until, on a recent fishing trip, a friend introduced me to General Cigar’s new “Locked In Humidity” packaging.

_DSC4682Most individual cigars nowadays are packaged in cellophane, which provides a minimal level of physical protection but doesn’t inhibit loss of humidity. Forget about taking an unscheduled swim. This new packaging (think sealed, rigid foil pouch) increases the physical protection factor but also keeps the cigar in a properly humidified environment, as well as protecting them from water damage.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 5.22.52 PMGeneral says they will keep for three years. I can’t speak to that but I smoked a number of these cigars that were several months old and their condition was excellent. There were no off-flavors and the cigars burned impeccably well.

Throw a handful of these into your fishing bag and, PRESTO! No more lamenting forgotten cigars when you get off the water and crack a cold beer!

Daren Hearsch
Gink & Gasoline
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18 thoughts on “New Cigars Just For Anglers

  1. Schweet! I probably have two or three celophane wrapped sticks rolling around in the bottom of the boat bag. Last one was like smoking a moldy herring….but it still keeps the bugs away…

    • What is some peoples attraction to spey even when it makes more sense to use single hand over head? Does it really matter? Whatever trips your trigger.

  2. I have a small travel humidor that I like to take. It’s plastic and about the size of a bugger barn. Keeps sticks nice and protected when I’m packing in. Although it’s extra weight.

  3. White Owl cigarillos and all of there competitors have been on that for awhile now. Nothing like a nice banana flavor. Yuck.

  4. There is nothing better than wading in a beautiful stretch of water, catching gorgeous fish, and taking a deep breath of fresh…*cough* *gasp* *cough*… sorry, I nearly choked on the pungent stench of a smug, inconsiderate fisherman’s cigar. It’s always amazed me how the rotten odor of tobacco (of any kind) has the ability to blanket an entire area, and ruin the moment for many in it’s path. Don’t worry about everyone else, as long as you are enjoying the day, all will be right with the world. Want to think about others? Save the C-gar for the cabin and post-fishing celebration.

    • A lot of people are considerate of others with regard to smoke. Just like a lot of people are considerate of others when it comes to stream etiquette. But it only takes one dick weed to make everyone’s day miserable. Do I bust out a stogie when I am fishing shoulder to shoulder on the Rainey River spring walleye run? No, of course not.

      Usually, I will light one up late in the evening while fishing a big bug hatch and nobody is around for miles.

      • I’m with you Dan, common sense does prevail with some of us.
        I’m not a fan of cigarettes, but a good cigar once in a while after a great day spent on a beautiful location with something to sip in the other hand is bliss.

    • Sounds like the progressive manifesto again, take up golf and do us all a favor, of course that might be more challenging in ballet slippers !

  5. I like a good cigar for special days, and a nice drink with the guys. Don’t do it often, like twice a year, but fishing with the guys, Bahamas, doesn’t get better than that!

  6. I go fishing for clean air not to inhale someones burnt, cancer-promoting leaf smoke efluent. There is talk about being a considerate smoker but every non-smoker downwind suffers, not just ones in a group. Regardless of what traditions smokers had in the past, there is nothing good about unhealthy, socially uncool tobacco smoking any more and I don’t think it should be promoted on a clean air sport site.

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